Storm: the Witch of Fate

On a dark and stormy night Vina's life changes forever. Always since birth she was neglected to her older sister Tristy but on that stormy night Vina get's the best news of her life, her sister was in a car accident on the brink of life and death. But soon Vina learns she's the one who caused the storm that caused the accident, their family has a long history of witch craft and the second born is always the most powerful.


4. 4

I felt someone come up behind me and I whipped around and saw Michael standing there. 

“It wasn’t your fault Trayce died you know that right?”

“Yes it is. If I wasn’t born then he would’ve played Tristy’s stupid game.”

“NO Vina it is not your fault its Tristy’s. She brainwashed you into believing that but that’s not true.” I looked into his eyes and remembered. Michael was there when Trayce was killed. He could’ve said something. He could’ve saved me from that or saved him! I turned to face him once again and before I could even utter the accusation at him I saw a ghost an actual ghost standing beside him, it was Trayce, I couldn't speak, I couldn't even move. Michael turned to see what I was looking at and saw him as well. Love filled Michael's eyes. What the freak?

"Trayce is it you?" I said hesitantly.

"It is I baby face. It was not your fault at all and it wasn't Michael's. It was all Tristy I think she planned the whole thing."

"I wish I could bring you back. I wish I knew if I was responsible for the car accident."

"Vina you are the Witch of Fate. Yes you did cause the storm. Your real name is Storm." after saying that nonchalantly he vanished. I looked at Michael and he looked at me. 

"Come on I got what I came for."

"No you didn't you wanted to find the Forbidden library remember?"

"Oh right." David came running down the hallway and said

"You guys are really fast and how can you see in the dark?"

"Uh when you work with clothes sweetheart there are many dark places you learn to adjust if you know what I mean." Michael laughed. Whew he didn't say anything about our family being witches. I ran to David's side and he held me close. I was shaking and I didn't even realize until David wrapped his arms around me and held me closer. 

"What happened in here?"

"My brother was murdered here, by Tristy."

"Come on let's find that forbidden library and get out of here." I followed David my hand still clasped in his. I knew Michael was still somewhere in the dark, but I didn't want to risk losing David in here in the dark. I shone the flashlight onto a door marked 'Library' in a language I shouldn't have been able to read.

"Come on its through here David." I opened the door and a cold gust of wind enveloped me and David in a cocoon of ice and debris. I picked the dead dry leaves from my hair and David's, and wiped the dirt from my eyes. God nobody has been in here for awhile. I stepped through the entry way wondering why this room was forbidden. I glanced at the walls, spell books, and old candles lined the walls along with stuffed taxidermy animals. One large book lay open on a pedestal four white candles lit around it. Spiderwebs covered it, around the candles but the spiders were long dead. I crept closer and looked at the book with my flashlight, I lightly traced the letters with my fingernail, I felt the power radiating from the book, and looked to the top of the pages, Witch of Fate, a spell to bring back the dead. I smiled I couldn't help it I could bring Trayce back! 


To Bring Back a Loved One Passed


Bone of Loved one
Juice of Pomegranate 
Mint grown under Full Moon.
Husk of Narwhal


Magic Words


With these ingredients 
I wish to bring back my lost loved one
I call upon my ancestors my past lives
I wish to bring back(insert name here)
My(relation) so he/she can live their life.



I could do this I thought. I had to, I had to bring back Trayce he deserved to live. I turned slowly to David who was reading over my shoulder, panic streaked his face. 


"David, sweetheart? Are you feeling well?"


"You're a witch? But how? Why didn't you tell me?"


"I didn't know either until a few hours ago! But if I did know I wouldn't have told you because of this reaction!" I pointed at his face which was turning red in anger and embarrassment. I grabbed the book and started walking around the room looking for the ingredients. I found them on the far wall by a window. The mint was growing in the moonlight, growing faster than in the sunlight. I walked briskly over to it and picked a couple leaves, and gathered the other ingredients. I walked back over to the pedestal and began to read the directions of well they were basically do's and don'ts 



Don't cast spells on a full moon during the month of June, I checked the skylight it was a crescent moon tonight and it was June. I gathered the objects I needed, a ladle, a cauldron, red, green, blue and white candles. I set to work. I put the Lavender into the cauldron, cut up the wolfs-bane, and put in the Pomegranate juice. Then I added the mint and I summoned the bone of the loved one, my eyes closed I pictured Trayce and the grave-stone I had visited so many times before to apologize or when Tristy was unbearable. I opened my eyes and in my hands was Trayce's humerus I suppressed the urge to barf and made the bone into a powder  and added it slowly to the potion. I waited for it to bubble then I ladled it into a flask I wasn't to say the words until I reached the grave. I hurried down the stairs, faster than I ever had before. What took hours before only took me mere minutes now. I reached the graves a half hour later, I kneel ed down next to the grave and took the knife I had grabbed from a candle the spell called for blood from a relation.  I slit my hand and dropped my blood over the gravestone and the grass, I poured the potion as well over the grass and relied the magic words that would bring back my brother.




With these ingredients 
I wish to bring back my lost loved one
I call upon my ancestors my past lives
I wish to bring back Trayce Montgomery
My brother my protector so he can live his life.



The wind picked up and it started to rain, lightening erupted from the sky forking and splitting the sky open, before long I was drenched and David was shaking behind a grave marked Marcus Montgomery. A bolt of lightning shot down and hit an oncoming Michael square in the chest and as he collapsed the ground in front of me burst open and I fell back as a rock hit me in the head, I passed out. I didn't know if the spell worked or if Michael was dead or not. I didn't know anything. The only thing I did know was the fact that I was the Witch of Fate and my name was Storm.


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