Storm: the Witch of Fate

On a dark and stormy night Vina's life changes forever. Always since birth she was neglected to her older sister Tristy but on that stormy night Vina get's the best news of her life, her sister was in a car accident on the brink of life and death. But soon Vina learns she's the one who caused the storm that caused the accident, their family has a long history of witch craft and the second born is always the most powerful.


2. 2

"Tristy might not have been the best of sisters but she was my sister. What the hell am I saying? She was the worst sister in the world! What sister would have their six year old sister dress up as a French maid and made her clean her room? Tristy. What sister would make her honor roll ten year old sister do her ninth grade homework? Tristy. What sister would black mail her fifteen year sister and her fifteen year old boyfriend because she caught them making out? Tristy. Tristy wasn't the perfect princess this damn town thought she was, she was an evil witch behind closed doors and our family gates. David didn't love Tristy, don't you think it’s odd that a fifteen year old was dating a eighteen year old? Against his will? This town is stupid. Ugh I'm done with this. Oh and David I love you."


 I stepped down from the church altar and went outside. David was waiting for me leaning against my new Mercedes.


"Hello my lovely Vina."


"Hello my lovely David." I laughed and ran into his arms. He kissed me and made me feel whole again. I never thought a death would bring us together again. But then again I didn't believe in a lot of things. The death of my sister was a shock wave to this community I could care less as long as I had David at my side. Kids at school were mean and cruel because David and I started going out again the day of her funeral. Tristy's fellow cheerleader friends were the worst of course not believing the black mail story but really I don't care what they think I'm Vina Aphrodite Montgomery the richest teenager in this community. They were just jealous. School is horrible as always when isn't it?


David was as cute as he was the night I first saw him in kindergarten my mother and father loved him more when he was with me then when he was with Tristy. My parents for one were more loving towards me since Tristy's surprise death. Sometimes I wondered if David did it on purpose, he risked his own life to get away from her, was hurting me worse than death to him? Maybe but maybe Tristy was just that evil. The doorbell rang I didn't get up I knew my butler would get it. I was in my new bikini and was by the pool enjoying summer vacation. I heard the French doors open and David was standing there in his swim trunks, he has a great body. I giggled to myself and said


"David what a lovely surprise! I missed you. How was Mexico?"


"Horrible, I didn't have you Vina."


"Aww you’re so sweet. Come sit with me my lover."


"Very funny Vina." he sat down and took my hand and we watched the servants clean the pool and the clouds go by pointing out shapes here and there. I knew I loved him with all my heart and I knew my parents loved me. But sometimes I wished for the days when Tristy was still alive because then I wasn't a superficial bitch, I'm surprised David hasn't left me by now. He probably thinks I'm getting used to the idea of being the only child. Even though Tristy was an evil bitch to me doesn't mean I didn't love her in a crazy way. Sure some days I wished for her death but not that night, I was wishing she could be a normal sister to me, I wished that she could hug me and hold me and I could share my deepest and darkest secrets without worrying she would tell everyone the next day especially David even though he knew them all already. I couldn’t get her out of my mind, all those years of wishing to be free of her and when finally I am I can’t help wishing she was alive. I got up from my lawn chair and started walking towards the pools edge; I looked into Caribbean like water and saw my sisters face reflected back at me. I’m the spitting image of my freaking dead sister. My platinum blonde hair green eyes, and olive toned skin made me an exotic beauty and everything was natural.

 Like breathing I could wake up and just simply brush my hair as hard or as harsh as I wanted and it would still be perfect a fact my lovely sister distested with a passion, she was cursed as she would say with unruly curls and brown boring eyes, she was pretty but not an exotic beauty like myself. I hate the fact that I turned into the new town bitch. I want to go back to the way I was. Not exactly a pushover but close to it. I had an amazing down to earth bubbly personality and that part of me was lost when Tristy died. I felt David come close to me and put his arms around me, to comfort me or get in my pants by pretending to comfort me but I’d go with the first David isn’t that kind of guy. I leaned into him at first then I smiled a devilous smile and leaned forward so we both fell into the pool we both came up gasping for air laughing, splashing.


“There’s the Vina I know and love. I knew you’d come back.”


“Where did I go?”


“You visited Tristy town for a little while but your back now.” He said getting closer to me. 


“How long was I gone?” I said leaning in, so close I could smell his toothpaste, minty.


“Not too long, just a couple of months.” He broke the short distance between us his lips crushing against mine, moving slowing at first then becoming more eager. I was getting really into it when I heard someone clear their throat. I looked up my hands still tangled in David’s hair. It was my mother.


“Yes mother?”


“I was calling you for some time. Well anyway your father and I have to go to Tokyo on business no parties.”


“Okay when will you be back?”


“Next week we’ll call you when we land. We love you. Oh hello and goodbye David.”


“See ya Mrs. M!”


I burst out laughing. No parties but David was free to stay. I could do so much more damage with a single boy then the whole Junior class. I returned to the last task my brain was working on, kissing David. Just like before it was beautiful. I loved the way he knew exactly what I wanted at the exact moment I thought about it, I never thought I would ever make out with someone in my pool. I pulled away when I heard the French doors open. I climbed out of the pool, David following me and I came face to face with my cousin Michael. I hadn’t seen him in years he wasn’t even at the funeral.


“Mikey! You’re here! Where have you been these past years?”


“Around Vina, I would say I’m sorry about the loss of your sister but I am not.”

“So how was Europe and designing for the top names in Fashion?”


“Simply amazing. It was the most wonderful experience in my life. Oh my god Vina I wish could’ve been there! So many great names like Michael Kors was there Michael Freaking Kors Vina! My hero!”


“I understand you perfectly I have many of his collections upstairs.”


“And you say that so calmly!”


“Oh do you really expect me to yell and giggle each time I talk about my closet?”


“Well no.” then he noticed David shaking out the water from his hair, his swim trunks hugging him in all the right places.


“Down boy, he’s mine.” Michael is extremely gay and I’m the only one in the family who knows. We’re like best friends he’s like my gay brother from another mother or something or the same as a gay boyfriend. I happily introduced my boyfriend to my gay cousin. 


“Michael this is David. David this is my cousin Michael.”


“Hello Michael I’m Vina’s boyfriend.

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