Upside down

Amanda is just a regular girl with a normal life...then she wins tickets to a one direction concert and her whole world is turned upside down


10. Chapter 8



the drive from the venue to louis flat was about twenty minutes. It was silent except for the radio in the background but i didnt mind it was a comfortable silence not and awkward one. When we got inside he led me to the livingroom.


"so what do you want to do" he said trying to start a conversation"


"i dont know this was your idea you come up with something"


"point taken. How tell me about yourself"


"well theres not much to tell, I'm originally from traverse city Michigan-thats in the pinky-where i lived with my parents and my brother i moved out after high school and then i got accepted to college here now im here."


"hm well havent you certainly lived an eventful life"


"i know right" after that we just kinda sat there until he spoke up. 


"Hey do you want something to drink"


"sure how about some water" he nodded and got up to get it when he came back he was handing it to me he ran into the coffe table and he dropped the water and it spilt all over the floor. His gace turned red and he  just got up grabbed a towel and started mopping up the water. " here let me help you" i said and i got down on the floor and started to help


"no its fine really i made the mess i'll clean it up" 


"louis look at me" he did as i said "im helping wether you want me to or not" he sighed in defeat "ok i guess you can help.


"thank you" then he looked up at me and just stared at me. 

"Has anyone told you that you have the most amazing eyes" i blushed and shook my head "well you do there are amazing" i looked away with embarrassment. Then so ething happened that i didnt expect, he took my chin between his pointer finger and thunb looked at me and started to lean in...



hehe cliffhanger

yaaaaaay i did it i updated twice today yeshhhhhhhhh dancing around listening to bon jovi cause i completed my goal...ahhhhhhh i love bon jovi hes so freakin amazing i just... Bfgalsofbwhxkgnrhatakdmtjdhdktjdgxk ughhhhhhhh i love him sorry fangirl attack...ahhhhhh shot through the heart is on i have to dance to it *dances like a freak to the song* woah ok better

omgosh whats happening to me im turning in to one of the 'cool girls' im starting to wear short shorts oversized sweat shirts high ponytails and socks with sandals (yes thats cool around here) what is happening to me someone tell me how to change back oh well ill ask my friend to help me well ive got a party to celebrate for my sister so i gots to go see ya





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