Upside down

Amanda is just a regular girl with a normal life...then she wins tickets to a one direction concert and her whole world is turned upside down


5. Chapter 4

Amanda's P.O.V


As soon as the boys walked into the room i knew that they heard what just happened. When they look directly at me- like they know it was me Nicky was talking about- i clamp my mouth shut and hide my burning face in Lola's shoulder.


It was deadly quiet in the room and it was becoming quiet awkward.then the silence was broken by the boys introducing themselves and starting to mingle.


i decided to hide as far away from them as possible. I didn't want them coming over here only to have my friends embarrass me again, especially in front of louis.


unfortunately, my plans never work out, and this one is no exception. I turn around to go find a nice corner to hide in when i come face to face with louis.

Louis P.O.V


when we walked into the room my eyes were immediately drawn to a girl who was blushing furiously. When She turned and hid her face in the shoulder of the girl who was standing next to her i realized that this must Amanda from the way she blushed to the way those two girls next to her smiled at her. I also realized that she was drop-dead gorgeous!


the silence was become unbearable so i decided to break it and introduced myself and the boys. When we spilt up to go talk to people i went to go talk to Amanda first.


I was coming up behind her when she suddenly turned around and i came face to face with her.

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