One Direction Imagines

One Direction Imagines, if you want a request comment

What You Look Like (Eye color and Hair color):


5. ~Imagine 5~ Zayn

A/N: Y/F/B means Your Favorite Band
Imagine 5

Flipping frantically through the rows of CD's trying to find the latest CD by (Y/F/B)

"Where is it!?!" You whisper yell getting frustrated. You've looked through about 5 stores already, each one sold out of it. "Damn it" you curse under your breath. As you head to the door you see a boy with dark hair, styled up in a quiff. He had sun glasses and a black hoodie. You hear a buzzing noise in your back pocket, you reach back and pick it up. "Hey Mom" you greet, you walk and walk listening to your mother go on and on about the phone bill she just paid.

Rolling your eyes you stumble into the street dropping your phone. "Shit!" You exclaim. You begin to gather the scattered broken pieces. As your picking up pieces you don't realize the car speeding down the road heading straight for you!

Finally looking up you see the car, you freeze in place completely terrified. You squeeze your eyes shut expecting to feel the pain, but nothing comes. Instead your pushed out of the way and you open your eyes and look straight into a pair of hazel brown eyes.

"You should really be more careful next time" he says with a small chuckle leaving him lips.

"H-hi" you chock out. There's a long period of silence between the two of you, all your doing is staring into each others eyes "may I know the name of my savior?" You say pushing him off a bit and standing up.

"Malik, Zayn Malik" he says smirking at you as you walk away. "Hey what about you!?!" He yells to you.

"(Y/N)!" you yell back to the smiling boy laying on the sidewalk.

"You know this wont be the last time I see you! That's a guarantee!" He calls as you make your way around the corner holding a thumb up into the air...


Sorry if this one really sucked haha, requests are open so fill free to comment! :)



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