One Direction Imagines

One Direction Imagines, if you want a request comment

What You Look Like (Eye color and Hair color):


4. ~Imagine 4~ Liam

Imagine #4

It's a hot steamy day in August. You walk into (Book Store) and you are ready to buy another book that goes along with the new series you just started reading, (Any book sires). You start browsing through the section of books you usually see the sires in.

You are standing next to a really cute boy. He looks about 20 or so. You look back to the shelf and sadly you don't find the book.

"Damn it" you both whisper at the exact same time. You look to the left and see the pair if deep chocolate brown eyes you so very want to gaze upon everyday. You both smile at each other.

"I'm Liam" the boy says smiling

"Hi, I'm (Y/N)" you say beginning to walk away so he doesn't see you blush. You soon pick out another book of some random new sires and rush to the check out stand. You stand there for ages when then you spot the same pair of chocolate brown orbs.

"Hello again" he greets

"Hey" you say beginning to approach the cashier. As your walking out of the store you feel a hand slip something into the back pocket of your shorts. When you get to your car you take whatever the person gave you out if your pocket and then you read the words

Call me sometime, K? (Phone Number) ~Liam

You start grinning at the message. "Oh I will" you whisper getting into your car, blasting music...

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