One Direction Imagines

One Direction Imagines, if you want a request comment

What You Look Like (Eye color and Hair color):


3. ~Imagine 3~ Louis

Imagine #3

"(Y/N)!" You hear your boyfriend Louis whine as you start to wake up from a peaceful sleep. You start to giggle when suddenly someone is blowing 'bubbles' on your stomach.

"Louis!" You scream in a fit of laughter "stop!" You laugh again. You stop laughing once you look up into a gorgeous pair of blue/green orbs.

You both lean in and share a very passionate kiss. You start to feel his hands hovering over your body and you break the kiss looking back up into this eyes.

"I love you" you say smiling

"I love you too, (Y/N)" he whispers kissing your ear lightly. You wrap your arms around his neck and then begin to kiss his lips again.

Suddenly his lips start leaving your lips and are now at your neck. You start letting out soft moans as he continues to kiss. You still feel his hands scanning your body and the lust he holds with every touch.

"I truly love you" you whisper as he lets out a slight chuckle as his lips leave your neck leaving you wanting more...

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