The Time Traveller's Son: Modern Day War Hero

Jacob David Woodland had no idea he was adopted, well he had his suspicions but he had absolutely no idea he could time travel, much less be the person in the era. It all started with a fight. Then he was his grandfather dead for almost seventy years. When the car crashes he's pulled into his biological mother's womb, what will happen when he wakes up?

The music video I didn't make; but the song kind of inspired this story.


2. Chapter Two: Questions

New Hampshire: December 16, 2012





     I was released from the hospital shortly after Danielle departed. I felt fine actually, and I wasn’t upset as I thought I was going to be given my situation. I was a time traveler; something my dad said was only in sci-fi movies like ‘Back to the Future’ my secret if only if I could control it, pick the place I wanted to go to. I really didn’t want to relive the death of my grandfather. I was proud of myself though I survived World War Two, but sadly my grandfather didn’t my grandmother Dorothy had to raise my mother by herself, I wondered if Dorothy could time travel, someone in my family had to know about this ability, I wanted answers. I couldn’t think of a place to start besides the memorial in downtown New York. I didn’t think my parents would be to keen on me going by myself especially after just being released from the hospital, and after a tragic break up from a three year relationship. I would be eighteen in a month and I had enough money to go by myself, besides Grandma Dorothy needed the company. Her cat wouldn’t be enough for the holiday.


     My mom drove me home, being that I wasn’t allowed to drive for at least a week. There was little conversation, my mother didn’t get along with her mom, and I loved Grandma Dorothy and now after my experience in the past I was closer to her then ever. I never learned what caused their falling out, but I was determined to find out. I had many questions for my grandmother, but I wanted to ask my mother first. I doubted she would share much, it amazes me that my father stayed with her, or even married her, she’s cold hearted, and almost reptilian in nature, she’s beautiful, but that’s only on the outside, growing up without a father changed her into what she is today, a heartless person who hardly ever shows her deepest love.


     “Mom, can I ask you something?”


     “Jacob I am driving. What have I told you about that?”


     “No talking while mommy is driving. Mom you argue with dad all the time while he’s driving.” I shut my mouth, and she pulled over.


     “What is it dear? Does your head hurt? Did that awful girl say something?” it was the fist time that I saw something close to love in her eyes in a long time,


     “No, mom, I wanted to know what happened between you and Grandma Dorothy. I’m old enough to know. Danielle isn’t horrible, it’s just that she didn’t pay attention to me, and she thought that it would be best to set both of us free. My head is fine.”


     “I know you’re old enough to know, it’s just so painful to retell. When I was sixteen I met you’re father. He signed up for the war; she didn’t like the idea of me becoming a Soldier Wife.”


     “Why not, she was.”


     “Exactly, she lost the love of her life in that war. She didn’t want that for me, but I married your father ten years later, against my mother’s wishes. Now I am almost seventy, and my kids are twenty five and seventeen. I think I should tell this now; both your brother and you are adopted. I waited until I was fifty to adopt you as a baby your brother had left the house and your father was working so we decided to adopt you to keep me company. Your grandmother didn’t approve, she vowed she would stay alive long enough for you to graduate college, and to tell you this herself to smite me. I know I come off cold, it’s just that I love you so much and I don’t want to lose you Jake.”


     “So you’re saying that you two hate each other because you adopted two children in your mid life, and married a soldier against her wishes?”




     “Good Lord.”


     “I know, I know dear.”


     “Mom, would you believe me if I told you I met your father?”


     “He’s been dead for almost seventy years. How?”


     “I was him, for a couple days, I saw how he died and how they lived.”


     “You can time travel?”


     “Yes, I was inside him. He dreamt of grandma all the time, and he was the Watch, he died saving his unit, before he died he thought of his unborn child, and your mother. Before I woke up he whispered I’m sorry. I didn’t know why until now, he was sorry because he would never know his daughter, never would teach her to ride her bike. Never would walk her down the aisle, and give her away to a fellow soldier.”


     “Oh my god, oh Jake that’s beautiful, my father what did he look like?”


     “He was handsome; he had your brown hair, and your green eyes. He was tall, and tan.”


     “Oh, could you go back? To see him again?”


     “I can’t control it; I was so upset that day, at Danielle. It’s linked to my anger. Danielle cheated on me with Robert; or rather Robert forced her to cheat on me with him.” My mother’s face was hard to read, learning that her oldest adopted son had raped her youngest child’s girlfriend shook her,


       “How dare he! Rape her, my god! Danielle poor girl, why aren’t you with her?”


        “She doesn’t want anything to do with me.”


         “She still wants to be broken up?”




          “Do you miss her?”


         “Well yea, I love her.” I looked at my phone, I had dialed Danielle on accident, and she had picked up, I put the phone to my ear, and listened to her crying.




          “Danni, hey how much did you hear?”


         “All of it. Jake I love you too. I’m sorry so sorry. Give me another chance? I promise I’ll pay more attention.”


        “God yes Danielle, I love you.”


        “See you tomorrow. Good night,”


        “Good night Danielle.” I hung up, with a goofy grin on my face. I looked at my mother and she smiled right back she took my hand and I hugged her. We stayed like that for a really long time, until it started to snow, I swore I heard my grandfather’s voice in my ear, saying “good job sport, thank you.” Then it was gone, and I hugged my mom even tighter not caring that we were supposed to be making dinner.


      “Jake, let’s get home alright?”


        “Alright mom, can Grandma come to Christmas dinner?”


        “Yes.” I smiled, victorious we began the drive home and I was so happy, my fingers were tingling and I was seeing flashes of an apartment.



         “Mom, if I pass out suddenly don’t freak out.”


          “Is it happening again?”


          “Yes, it’s tied to my emotions I think.” The strange microwave feeling started to spread again and I felt myself slipping into someone else, I willed it to be my biological father. I passed out hoping it worked, that if I woke up I would be my father, my biological father. The last thing I heard in the present was my mother’s scream; I wanted to stay to figure out what was wrong. I couldn’t wake myself up; I couldn’t get back to the present. I tried so hard, I didn’t know how to get back. I woke up in a strange bed, the ceiling was speckled with yellow, water stains. I woke up screaming, a women beside me looked at scared for her life. She held the covers close to her protruding stomach and when I stopped and looked as horrified as she did she released them.

     “Another dream Paul?” she said calmly looking at the clock beside her,


     “Yeah just another dream, but Cheryl it felt so real! I mean I was in a car with a woman I was calling mom, and then a crash!”


      “A crash and that’s when you woke up? You don’t think its one of your premonition things? Do you Paul?”


     “I sure hope not this one, it was horrible, I was the kid!”


     “Oh goodness, you don’t think it’s ours do you? I mean we’re putting Jake up for adoption when he’s born,”


     “I don’t know, she was explaining, something. I heard adoption. And time travel.” The room around them was quiet, and I felt different, as if I was being compressed, and curled into myself. I could everything they were saying like I was there. I couldn’t move I couldn’t see. Where was I? I tried to kick myself out, punch myself out. I heard someone gasp,


     “Oh Paul, Jake’s kicking!”


     “Oh Cheryl, you promised you wouldn’t get attached. We can’t raise a child, not with our life style.”


     “I know Paul, with you off to boot camp soon, and me always working.” Boot camp, why was he in training for the war? Its 1995 not 2001, I wanted to sleep, I wanted them to sleep. But how to I get them to sleep? “Paul let’s go back to sleep. Don’t worry so much about the dream.” I fell asleep in the confines of my mother’s womb. I figured I didn’t have long until I was born and then adopted to the Woodland’s. I couldn’t feel sunlight, but somehow I knew it was morning and that my mother’s face was looking at a window, the sun hitting her face. I stretched the best that I could and she gasped, I could hear her.  “Hello baby, I wish I could keep you. But the Woodland’s are really nice, and agreed that if I wanted I could stay in your life. I’m going to miss you baby.” She cooed to me, she loved me so much but my father wouldn’t let her keep me. That made me upset to a degree, she started to cry, and my emotions were tied to her. I could feel what she felt, taste what she tasted. I snuggled into her and she smiled warmly liking my new position, I sighed ‘nap time’ she yawned and went up to her room. Being inside a pregnant woman was extremely boring, but it was so weird so special, I can experience what it was like to be inside something scientists have yet to discover! I can be there actually mentally and physically be there when I’m born. We slept for the most part of the day, my mom. My biological mom and I took a nap together. This mom was caring and cared for me. Not for my grades, the girls I dated, this mom didn’t even know me and yet she loved me unconditionally. I loved her too; I didn’t want to leave her.


                I still wished I could leave though I missed Danielle, and my dad, and mom. God I hope she’s okay. I wondered if I can just leave. I concentrated on my seventeen year old self, in the present. Like when my grandpa died I started slip away, I didn’t see the nothing I had been seeing instead I saw red like lights too bright when your eyes are closed. I arched my back up and my stomach hit something dragging me back down, I was strapped to something. I opened my eyes and a blinding light hit my vision and I flinched away. I opened them again and saw the bloody face of my mother I screamed or tried to, a tube had been stuck down my throat.


“He’s awake! Should I take the tube out?”


“Yea go ahead Cheryl.” Cheryl? That’s my biological mother’s name. I looked at her my eyes matching her’s in color. She took an intake of breathe and dropped the stethoscope she had been holding.


“Jake?” she asked, “Mrs. Woodland?”  I nodded and tried so hard to smile but it hurt so much I didn’t know what happened.


“Jake I’m going to take the tube out okay? You were in an accident. Your mom didn’t put her hazards on and a car hit you dead on. I’m surprised both of you lived. We’re going to a hospital, hang in there alright?” I nodded and she started to ease the tube that allowed oxygen into my body out. I winced in pain but she didn’t notice, or she did and didn’t show anything. I opened my mouth and


“Mom! Mom please answer me,” I screamed at the unconscious form of my adoptive mother. Cheryl looked at me and the look in her eyes told me everything. She was never going to answer me.  I reached out to her and grasped her hand weakly. “I’m so sorry mom. Its all my fault I’m sorry.” The sirens faded and the ambulance stopped. I knew in a matter of seconds I would be separated from her forever. Her to the morgue and me to somewhere, I was fine. My mom was dead! All my fault, all my fault. IF I hadn't wanted to talk then she would still be alive, we would be home making dinner, arguing about stupid things like school and Danielle. Danielle, where was she? Had she been notified? I wanted to call her to hear her voice. Her hand in mine. Had Rob been notified? Had dad? Where was Cheryl? I felt so alone, I felt like crying my grief away. I didn't want to feel, I wanted to turn it off, I wanted to die.


My questions go unanswered because the doctors won't listen to a delirious boy. They induce me into a coma, where I would stay until my father came back from his business trip. Robert couldn't release me couldn't sign for me because he's a convicted criminal. I was stuck here. Wait what about grandma? She has to be notified anyway her daughter was killed in a car crash. But she's also ninety something years old, they wouldn't trust her with you in the car. I let the drugs pull into the dark oppressive sleep that awaited me. Hoping that I wouldn't travel back in time.


No one would know, no one knew who to contact, and I didn't know if Cheryl was the Cheryl from the memory. The sleep wasn't natural, it was like I was trapped, trying to claw my way out like a tiger trapped in a cage. But all I saw was black I couldn't see color, and I couldn't dream. Did the doctor's know how much pain the patients in these induced comas go through? Not being able to hear, to see their loved ones crying over them? Why was I needed to be in such a prision called 'inforced sleep'. I wanted to see my mother's face in my dreams but being that the drugs keeping me under disabled my ability to dream I could feel her slipping away. I wanted to escape to be free. I wanted to see if this time travelling was a gift or a curse. The only way to do that was to wake up. But I couldn't I was trapped because no one wanted to answer my questions.

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