The Time Traveller's Son: Modern Day War Hero

Jacob David Woodland had no idea he was adopted, well he had his suspicions but he had absolutely no idea he could time travel, much less be the person in the era. It all started with a fight. Then he was his grandfather dead for almost seventy years. When the car crashes he's pulled into his biological mother's womb, what will happen when he wakes up?

The music video I didn't make; but the song kind of inspired this story.


1. Chapter One: New York







Ever wondered what it would be like to never have to study for a history exam? Ever. Well I know that feeling, and it all started on that December afternoon, my girlfriend Danielle and I were walking in the park, perhaps I should introduce myself. I’m Jacob David Woodland. This story takes place twelve years ago, and during the 1940’s during World War Two. This is the story of how I became the first Woodland Time Traveler.  Let’s begin with the fight.


December 13, 2012 2:29 pm


"Jake you never listen to me anymore." Danielle screamed at me.


"Well I could say the same about you. You're always texting your friends, probably about how stupid you think I am!" I yelled back, one thing about me is that I'm quick at come backs. It seemed Danielle and I are always fighting these days. I had enough of this, time to end this,


"Jake, I am so sorry. But I think its best if we,"


"You're breaking up with me? I am always there for you; I've listened to you when you bothered to speak to me. All you care about is kissing and other such things."


"Jake stop it."


"You're cheating on me aren't you? Who is he, is he someone I know?"


"Jake you don't understand, it happened so fast and you were taking so long."


"Who is it Danielle?" I was getting mad. My body was tingling all over and I thought I saw different images that shouldn't be here in New Hampshire.


"Robert."  That's it, I'm pissed now, and my brother, my freaking brother she's sleeping with?


"My brother? You, you I have no words to describe you." I started walking away and she grabbed my arm, I shook my arm free, and she fell to the ground. I looked at her, she was pathetic, trying to coerce me into thinking she was innocent,


"You jerk! I was trying to apologize and explain fully what happened!"


"Fine, tell me your story." she got up and brushed her butt off. I had no intention in listening but I was the polite one in the now over relationship.


"Well we were supposed to go to the movies. Rob was on the couch and I was waiting for you on the arm chair. He got this weird look in his eyes and he attacked me. He pinned me down and."


"Stop just stop, you're saying that my brother raped you? Come on Danielle, your seventeen, he's twenty five. What would he want with you?"


"You don't believe me then."


"No. I don't but thanks for trying to justify you cheating on me, with my brother." I walked away steaming. How dare she cheat on me? I've been loyal to her, I bought her presents, I listened to her troubles, and I was the first to say 'I love you'.  Why do I always get dumped? What the hell did I do to deserve this? I felt funny, like I was being heated in a microwave on high power, I didn't feel this odd when I was arguing with Danielle, what the hell is going on? The world around me started to spin faster and faster until I was so dizzy, and the gravity around me started to grow stronger until I blacked out, I was dreaming, of tall buildings and posters with "UNCLE SAM NEEDS YOU"  or "BUY WAR BONDS TODAY TO HELP YOUR SOLDIERS!"




December 7, 1941 7:55 am




I woke up in a bed, baseball players lined the walls, players that are dead and that and I don't even like baseball. I got up and turned on the radio the one my grandma has in her living room. The voice came on and said,


"Sad news people of the United States. Today on December Seventh 1942 Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese army. We need men, to fight this war to avenge those who've fallen. We need you the people of America where you stand free and strong to fight for our Freedom, to avenge those you gave their lives to protect our freedom our founding fathers made sure we had. I speak to men and women alike help us, help your country help us to bring Adolf Hitler down! To bring the Japs down to make them sorry for messing with us the home of the Brave and Free! Spread your wings as Eagles and fight for our country fight for our freedom!"


Oh no, oh god no. I was in my grandfather's bedroom. In New York City; Days before the United States went to war with the world. My grandfather signed up for this. He was a hero. I dressed in what my grandfather found fashionable, and went out to find a beautiful young woman with two children; my great aunt and uncle. This was my great grandmother. Jesus she's beautiful, she has long black/brown hair, and the bluest eyes. She looked tired.


"Good David you're up. Take you're brother and sister to school. I know, I know you’re eighteen. I won't stop you if you sign up for the war."


"Thanks ma. Come on Myrtle, Michael." I was like a ghost or something inside my grandfather who was only eighteen. The kids grabbed their books which were strapped together by a leather string. Wow everything is so different here. The four er three, we started walking to the Elementary school on 5th Avenue. Grandpa/me dropped off Myrtle and Michael and we went to the YMCA. He's signing up for the war. I tried to stop him, really I did, and I didn't want to go off to war. What if we died? Turns out a ghostly form of yourself, stuck in your dead grandfather's body can't do a thing to change history. He had done it, signed both of us up for war.


We started off to the park, and we were stopped by a beautiful girl. She looked about eighteen or twenty, and she had a worried expression written all over her face. She needed to tell us something.


"Dorothy, what is the matter? No girl of mine should be pouting and worrying the way you are."


"David, I'm with child! What ever shall we do?"


"We're going to be married today! Right this very minute! I leave for the war in two days!"


"David no! Don't go to war, what of our baby?"


"The child will be fine Dorothy. I promise you."


"Alright but who will marry us?"


"Judge Young. He's a friend of Ma's." Dorothy, my grandmother still had a worried look but she smiled real big and took our hand.


"Alright David I'll marry you right now. Come on before the school let's out." We raced off for downtown and entered the Court house. We found Judge Young, a short man, with salt and pepper hair, and dull blue eyes and whiskers, a thinning beard and moustache. 


"David my boy what can I do for you?"


"Dorothy and I want to be married before I got to go off to the war."


"I think I can do something. Follow me."


"What about the license?"


"I'll take care of it Miss. Dorothy." we followed him into a room with a long table, and leather chairs. "This is where the jurors discuss the case."


"Today it will be a chapel in a way."


"I'll be the witness and the Judge. Alright, David Woodland, do you take Dorothy Schawp to be your lawfully wedded wife, through sickness, and in health, in wealth, and in poverty, in good times and bad? To death do you part?"


"I do."


“Dorothy Abigail Schawp do you take David Jacob Woodland to be your lawfully wedded husband? Through sickness and in health, in wealth, and in poverty. in good times and bad? To death do you part?"


"I do."


"Now will you exchange rings or what have you?"


We pulled out a small diamond speck on a gold ring and placed it on Dorothy’s finger. Dorothy pulled out a twist tie, and placed it on our finger.


"Now kiss the bride and I now pronounce you husband and wife! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Woodland. I wish you a long and happy marriage. Good luck over seas Mr. Woodland."


"Thank you Judge Young." The three of us left the court house and went to the jewelers. The jeweler looked up and saw Dorothy and presented a gold band.


"Already paid for Mrs. Woodland." Dorothy took the ring from the box and replaced the twist tie with the new shiny band of gold.


"Thank you Jeffery." They exited the building and we picked up Myrtle and Michael at the school and returned to the apartment.



Over seas


1942 near Waterloo, France:



I was scared, inside and out. Gun fire blew over our heads and men around us fell from their posts. Their wounds killing them before they hit the barbed wire below. No man's land was the quiet and peaceful place. The trench was starting to stink from all the men and the diseases. I let my grandfather take control, I was afraid of what might happen if we died, would I be sent back to New Hampshire or would I die as well? I heard the faint screams of pain when the gas bombs exploded above the trenches.


"Get below Get below!"


"Masks on get, your masks on!" I heard the screams and the orders of our commanding officers. I hopped off the ladder I had been shooting off of, and in my grandfather's body hurried to the barracks below ground. The victims of shell shock sat on their bunks, and men who inhaled the gas were slowly dying. The history books and teachers didn't do the horror of this death any justice. It was horrible. I dragged myself to my bunk and noticed the bottom bunk was empty,


"Where's Nathaniel?" I said through the chaos and the sound of vomiting.


"Don't know, kid he's probably dead or close to it." A man I knew to be George Elridge.


"Elridge! Get o'er here! We got a live one!"


"Not for long he ain't." I watched as they unmasked the soldier. It was Nathaniel and his eyes were dulling fast. He didn't have much time.


"Woodland, I need you to do somethin' for me."


"What Nathaniel?"


"Write to my sweetheart. Write to my Nancy."


"Alright." I reached into my bag and pulled out a piece of yellowed paper and a pencil.


"To my beloved Nancy,

                                                       I write this to you in my dying moments. To tell you that I love you. In my last moments on this earth I saw horrible things gruesome things, but be proud of me that I helped my country to be one step closer to defeating Adolf Hitler. I love you Nancy. Move on with your life, you’re but a precious flower yet to be discovered. I'm delirious sorry Nancy. I love you and give the kids a kiss for me.


                    Forever yours in death and life,

                                               Nathaniel Smith.



He died shortly after he said the last word of the letter. I watched as they shipped him off to the Hole. Where they kept the dead bodies. I laid my head against the dirt wall and dreamt of Dorothy and Danielle.  The morning was announced by a burgle horn and the screeching of a couple bells. I pushed myself up, grazing the ceiling. I jumped from my bunk and grabbed my gun and satchel.


"Alright men, roll out! We won this battle!"


"What about the sick?"


"Don't worry about them." I knew they had been executed late into the night. We started to march. Late into the night when the snow began to fall, the officers decided to stop for the night. I put my gun against a tree and put my satchel against the trunk. The tents were put up and the jeeps parked in a tight circle. I was the watchmen; my job was to call out if I saw trouble. I wasn't allowed to sleep so I got rides in the jeeps. During the day as we marched I could sleep. My watch in the beginning was quiet, but towards the end I saw something red, and I jumped up and readied my gun. I was a good aim, but not superman I needed help if this was an ambush. I blew my horn and the camp came alive. The enemy shot the gun first and I fired into the place where the bullet came from. I felt blood trickle from the spot where the bullet went through. Missing my spine, but it was enough for me to know I wouldn't make it, this is how grandpa died, a hero.


I shot as many Nazi's as I could. Before they could even have a hope of exiting the shadowed place where they hid; I felt grandpa's life slipping and I felt myself do something odd, I was pulling out of the dying body and I saw flashes that weren't the snowy hills of France, but the green hills of New Hampshire. I smiled, I wasn't going to die. I shot off two more rounds and my grandpa lost his life and then I was home. In the hospital, because Danielle found me face down in the mud at the park. When I woke up Robert was sitting on the window and I swore I could've choked him where he sat. He must've picked up on my mood because he left only to be replaced with Danielle.


"Hey Jake, I'm glad your awake. I came every day."


"How long was I out for?"


"Three in a half days, Rob came in and explained everything to see if it would make you angry enough to wake up."


"Wait, so the story you told was true?"


"Yes. He's going to turn himself in and everything. He thinks after I told you, you hurt yourself because I told you the truth."


"Wow I should travel back in time more often." I whispered.


"What?" Danielle asked.


"Nothing, we're still broken up right?"


"Unfortunately, good bye Jake."


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