They Tightened The Noose

They pushed my cousin to attempt suicide they made his life a living hell I will never forgive Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles there the reason why I was the one who had to comfort him he was bullied so much he even tried drinking bleach he has scars up and down his body there the ones who made him feel like he was fat he almost weighed 100 pounds and he's 16 I will never forgive them they will rue the day they crossed paths with my cousin there the ones that tightened the noose around his neck


1. The Beginning

Thomas's POV

P-p-please harry don't hurt me I'm sorry please I cried

You shouldn't have looked at me he yelled

this was a daily thing for me if so as much breath by harry I would get beat I had to deal with this it was just how my life is never been very good my mom abandoned me my father is a raging alcoholic and when I went to school I had to deal with Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson it seems like they would take turns beating me up

I felt a sharp pain in my abdomen I groaned

he kept punching I fell to the floor this time it was kicking I felt tears rushing down I stung my cheeks

Fuckin prick does little Thomas want his mummy well to bad she didn't want a Piece of shit like you he gritted through his teeth it felt like a knife going through my chest right now I was balling my eyes out

your probably wondering why Harry knows this about me well we use to go out it was the best relationship ever but he just ended it I was In love and he shattered my heart and threw it in a pit of fire

~ 5 Months Ago~

I heard a knock on the door I rushed downstairs to meet my boyfriend I open the door to let him in I lead him to my room and we sat down on my bed which ended to a heated make out session Harry's hands trailed Dow my waist trying to pull down my jeans

N-no Harry I'm not ready I said

Well you can put out or it's over he said

What?! Your gonna break up with me cause I won't put out I said with a crack in my voice

Yeah so will you or not he said

I think you should leave I said

Fine I didn't want a ugly whore like you anyways he gritted through his teeth

He slammed my front door that when I let out a throaty sob I couldn't stop crying I didn't eat for three days

~Present Day~

I had been snapped out of my thoughts with Louis Tomlinson taking his turn to beat me

You stupid ugly fat bitch ass whore you should just die he said while punching me

I started coughing blood that's when they stopped and ran away I limped my way to the bathroom locking it I sat there crying I took the blade from my bag and started to cut my body was a canvas and my blade the brush after I finished I cleaned my arm I just stayed in the bathroom till the day was over after the bell had rung I walked the mile long walk to my house I was listening to my iPod till I got jerked and staged to the back of the football bleachers I was screaming till I had a fist collided with my face I look up to see Harry and Louis


Harry your ready to ruin him Louis said with a smirk

Fuck yeah I've been waiting to do this since forever he said

Louis held me down as Harry pulled down my jeans


There was a loud smack from Louis smacking me

That when Harry exposed me slapping my ass I screamed in pain

I heard him unzip his pants that's when I felt a burning sharp pain in my ass I screeched as he pushes into me that's when Louis tied me up unzipping his pants pushing his member into my face

if you bit me I'll fucking cut your tongue out he said

I kept turning my head only to have him grab a hold of my face and stuffing his cock in my mouth I was gagging I felt like I was going to Puke I knew harry was close to his climax cause his thrusts were getting sloppy that's when I felt me hair getting tugged and and him moaning I felt warm liquid In my bum I felt so dirty he didn't stop either he kept going climaxing two more times I was crying still having Louis cock he pulled out and i gasped for air he walked around and harry pulled out the emptiness the I felt Louis enter me he kept going I just wanted to die he had climaxed then pulling out they got dressed and left me tied up

thanks for a good time you whore louis said laughing

it was nice finally taking your virginity harry said then the walked away laughing all I did was cry that's all I could do was cry no one cared what felt like days I was there for 2 hours till I heard a Irish accent in the distance I screamed for help they came running to see me under the bleachers crying my eyes puffy from crying my throat raw from screaming cum stains all over me he untied me I put my clothes on and ran home I slammed my bathroom door close and took a shower I felt so dirty and useless I should just end my life all ready

A/N: hey lovelies I know I shouldn't be starting another fanfic cause I am shit at updates but tell me if you like it

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