Naomi Dalton has had a pretty tough life so far, by her parents leaving her to fend for herself at age 15, getting pregnant, and getting her baby murdered when she was 7 months pregnant by a rapist stabbing her multiple times in the stomach. Her existent was eventually consumed by drug abuse, alcoholism, self harm, and her entire family wants absolutely no part of her.

Six years later, she is granted a job at Vouge, one of the most prestigious magazine companies in the entire world, and is working as a receptionist for three months, until she is re-located to the Main Head-quarters in New York City. During her first working day, she is brought up into an interview assistant with one of the most famous boy bands in the entire world, one she was not a big fan of; One Direction. She had heard of them before, but knowing their constant fame, and their rugged female friends, and how many of them knew Her, she chose to have nothing to do with them once every single boy is assigned a receptionist job the same length of time as hers.

Dissapointed, she learns to except the change. But, eventually she begins to enjoy the boys, and become friends with them all. One has his eyes on here, and has ever since he noticed her, and she chose to never notice: That boy, was Harry Styles. Eventually, she realizes all the perks to being around the boys, but will she allow a romance to begin budding when she is informed that one of her most bitter enemies in high school was Harry's ex?


5. Adaption

Elle's office sounded strangely quiet from the outside. I slowly knocked, the hard material scraping my knuckles. After a few silent seconds, I could hear small footsteps coming towards me from the room.

The knob turned, and I was greeted by the petite Burnette, her arms crossed around her body, and a smirk controlling her face. I felt a pulse beneath my lips, telling me to speak before it was too late to ask.

"Hey Elle..why did you let the boys work here as well? Don't they have a tour coming up?" I said, silently. Her eyes narrowed, as she ushered me behind the door, closing it, and locking it. She turned quickly around, and grabbed my shoulders, roughly.

"Listen, Naomi. Harry really seems to think you're an interesting girl." She smiled, as I gasped in shock.

"But,-" she cut me off.

"He really, REALLY likes you." Her eyes widened, as I sat in agust. My eyelids fluttered shut, as I sat in the chair below, and placed my hands over my face.

"But we've known each other for like, 45 mintues!" I yelled, moaning in agony.

"I don't want to date a famous person. That will bring too much paparazzi shit." She shook her head, and knelt down to my height from the chair's size.

"Naomi, you're beautiful. Take pride in the fact that he wants to get to know you better!" Grabbing my arm, she guided me from the seat, and pushed me outside.

Before shutting the door, Elle poked her face out of the wooden frame, and whispered, "Harry is in the Break room by now. Go talk to him. Despite the fact that you don't like Famous people, or even dating them; talk to him. You may change your mind." I sighed as she slammed the door.

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