Never been kissed (one direction)

I just a normal nineteen year old girl named Mariam who dreams of her first kiss will she find the perfect guy?will she have the kiss of her dreams?read this to find out BTW I am Muslim


2. introduction

As you know that I am Mariam and I am nineteen years old me (BTW we are both Muslim that explains the names) and my best friend Malak bought an apartment together and we go to the same collages but work at different places I work in a part time job at Starbucks and Malak works at costa we don't have any friends or boyfriends because we are the shy type and we don't have anytime to interact with people it is always wake up ,go to collage, go to work, go home sleep then it is all over again.but there was that one day which changed everything .

I know it is boring but it is about to get juicy

Love Mariam xoxo

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