Highschool would a whole lot easier if you didn't have 5 totally different guys chasing after you. Especially when they basically all hate each other. When your a freshman it's your year to make and lose friendships that will last for four years. No pressure.


1. Intro.

Well here we are.

It's the first day at school here at Bradford High.

Oh I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce myself.

I'm Alex. I'm a freshman this year and I just moved here so I'm pretty lost.

I'm 5'6, I have ash brown long hair, I'm slightly on the shy side, do to being a new kid and not very social at my old school, I was considered pretty by all my guy friends though so I guess I'm not too bad off her at Bradford.

My mom got married so she dragged me up here to live with her boyfriend, who in my opinion is way to protective of me.. Just saying.

So now here I am.

Pulling in to the huge public school.

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