Soilder field


10. Dating Never Hurt Anyone

Liams P.O.V.

There Brandy is. Sitting in my chair staring in my mirrior that I used before the concert. She looks amazing. I poked her side and she shrieked.

"Hey!!! Wait... Liam?! Omg hi! Sorry I'm sitting in your-"

"It's fine" I smiled down at her. Her bright blue eyes look up at me. 

"Why did you keep looking at me on stage?" she asked.

"Why don't I give you my number and I tell you why." I replied. The stage manager is calling us. She gave me her number and me and the boys left.


Emilys P.O.V.

I hated watching Harry leave. I go his number and he was just being so sweet to me. We watched the video of Harry taking my phone on stage and dropping it. It was so funny. He must have apologized a dozen times it is so cute. Brandy and Liam were hitting it off pretty well, as well as Ashley and Niall. Me and the girls walked back outside to the limo after the concert. I pull out my phone and see that its a text from Harry. This is happening.

"Hey Em. So happy to meet you tonight. I'd like to take you out sometime. I'll call you tomorrow. Sweet dreams. Xx" 

"AWWWW THAT'S SO CUTE" Brandy screamed. We got in the limo, and when we got home, I fell right asleep. 

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