Alive,Alive,Alive, the words pounded through my head, just like they always do when I'm drunk. I'm AJ, a good girl for the public, but a bad girl at heart. You'd never know what I'm capable of unless you saw me drunk. When I'm drunk the lights switch off in my head, and I'm a manic, booty-shorts, crop-tops and boys are the only words in my vocabulary. No one can control me, not even myself. When I'm drunk I'm a monster that no one can control, or so I thought until I meet the the only ones who can control me and make me feel Alive without becoming a manic...


1. Alive (chapter 1)

"AJ, you ready?" My best friend asks. "Ugh yes Liz I'm ready" "then let's go it's only a twenty minute walk to the club" "I don't wanna go tho!" "Trust me, you'll thank me later AJ" "uh huh sureeeee I will" We continued with our arguing back and forth till we arrived,.... At the club. "AJ we're here!!" "Oh joy" I said, my words dripping with sarcasm.

"Lizzzzzz thissss issss soooooo funnnnn" " gurl I tolddddd youuuu" "nuh-uh!" "Okay sure whatever, let's go dance!!"

Okay when Liz said that I had to think should I or should I not. The normal AJ wouldn't do this because she's a good girl, but this AJ isn't the normal AJ. This AJ has alcohol running through her veins, and is becoming more nauseous with each sip she takes. Right now this AJ could do anything completely unexpected because she is a manic and right now decides to drop the good girl act.

"Okay!, let's go dance then!" I replied after a moments silence.

With that said I strut right onto the multi-colored squares they call a dance floor, but instead of staying on the floor I hopped up onto one of the tables. Then I started dancing. Not regular dancing, dirty dancing. When all of the sudden strong arms hooked around my waist, petrifying me for a moment. With me frozen the person could lift me off the table and set me down. I finally snapped out of it and turned around, only to be petrified by the beautiful face that looked back down at me. Honestly though I can't describe the beauty that petrified me. Brown wavy hair with blonde tinted through it, perfect white teeth and those muscles.... Oh Lordy.

"Dance with me baby?" He whispered in a husky voice. "Uh-huh!" I slurred. "I'll take that as a yes beautiful." Oh lord he called me beautiful! Am I in heaven or like what?

We began dancing, add the word dirty in front of the word dancing though.

God though he knew what he was doing swaying back and forth, I felt like I was floating on cloud 9. How well he could dance well it wasn't even funny!

"It was amazing!" I exclaimed to Liz who wasn't as nearly drunk as I was. "He was soooo sexy girllll!!!" "AHHHHH so sexy!" So very effing sexy!"

"So I'm guessing you had fun?" "Liz Liz Liz you silly child of course I had fun BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE GIRLY!" I screamed right as we arrived at her house. Her house was more of a home to me then my own house.

I made it to the couch and then sleep possessed me not letting me escape for 12 more hours. My dreams were filled with vivid memories of the past night. Memories of dirty dancing with men. Lots of memories especially on the brown/blonde haired, muscular lad swaying left to right holding me close. So no other man would get me. I was his only his in those blissful moments.

I finally broke away from the cavern of dreams and light filled me up as I opened my eyes. I felt fine that is until my head started pounding. Feeling like my brain was growing larger every single second. "L..I..zzzzyy" I whined. "Here's some aspirin, take it and be careful you might feel like throwing up later" she said as she offered me the aspirin and a glass of water.

"Thanks girly" I mumbled wondering if she could hear the loud, obnoxious pounding floating throughout my head

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