I wiped the angry tears away. Calm yourself Ambrey. I was sitting on a plane, on My way to Holmes Chapel becuse I Was going to live with My aunt and Her husband just becuse My mum had to work Day and night. HEY? I'm eighteen years old, practically a woman. Not a baby. My aunt's daughter is HORRIBLE. She's a sassy girl who gets whatever she wants. And That's not all. She's pushing Guys to be Her boyfriend, none of them I have met has wanted to be it. I bet Her New boyfriend 'The famous Harry Styles' is the same.


2. Can you feel the love tonight

Ambrey's POV

The next week was the same. I sat on my room with the computer or my cell. Every night Harry and I texted eachother. He was cute and hot at the same time. When he said things like 'babe' and so on he was hot, very hot. When he called me 'love' he was so damn cute.

I brushed my teeth and got into bed. I texted Harry.

To; Hxxx

Goodnight babe, sleep tight; Ambreyxxx

I didn't got any text back. Wierd, I thaughted. He always used to be ln his phone at this time. An hour after that I got a message.

From; Hxxx

Sorry babe, I didn't answer. Me and Lauren had a fight. I'm not sure I will live at her's any longer.:(


To: Hxxx

What? But maybe then I can hang at your place? :) I mean, Staphanie, Lauren's mom, always say I should meet friends and guys exept my phone! Thay won't now it's you?

Your Ambrey xxx


'Your Ambrey'. Butterflies in my stomage, as always.

To; A-Boo xxx

Yes! Oh my god Ambrey, you're such a genius! I'm moving out tomorrow morning. You can not say good bye, but You can come to my place at the night? Huh? Your Hazza xxx

*Next morning*

I got all my stuff into the car and went into the house to say good bye.

"Bye Harry. We'll meet some time again." Stephaine Lauren's mom said to me. I nodded. "Take care of Ambrey." She wispered and winked. "I will." I wispered back.

"Bye Harry. Nice to meet you." Lauren said shortly and walked back to her room.

I had just showered when I heard a knock on the door. Must be the pizza. I took on boxers and walked out to the door.

When I opened the door Ambrey stood there. I blushed when I realised I had just boxers on.

"Oh c'mon Haz. You're absolutley fit." She said and bit her lip staring at my body.

"Like what you see? I said with a wink.

"Uhuh..." She said and moved closer to me. "I love it." She wispered in my ear. I kissed her neck gently a pair of times, then I started to suck. She moaned and started to play with my hair. My mouth finded it's way back to her mouth and we started make out with tongue. I ripped her t-shirt of and took of her bra. While I was kissing her i started massage her breasts. She moaned in the kiss and I ripped of her jeans and panties. She took of my boxers and I rolled a condom on my penis.

"Ever had some?" I asked.

"Yes. I'm not virgin." She replied and I started. And then we did it.

When we were done we just layed down in the couch naked and got comfort with eachother.

"You're seriuously the best thing ever happend to me." Ambrey told me.

"Uhuh, i feel the same about you babe." I wrapped my arms around her waist.

The time was 23.45.

"Wanna sleep over?" I asked Ambrey.

"Yeah, sure." She answered with a light love-sigh.

I carried her bridalstyle to my room and layed her down at my bed. I layed down at the sofa in my room.

"Harry, would you like to sleep with me?" She said. I chuckled.

"Not like that, yes I understand babe." I said and layed down together with Ambrey. I kissed her on her lips and felt that our lips must be made for eachother.

"Goodnight babe." I said.

"Good night HazzaBoo. I love you." She said and my stomage flipped. She loves me? Well, do I love her. Then I thaughted that that was a stupid question. Of course I love my A-Boo.

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