The Chemistry Teacher. -A Harry Styles fanfiction-

"I see the way all girls look at me. I'm not blind you know? And i also know what they talk about. I try to ignore them though." Mr. Styles says moving away a strand of hair from my face. My breathing increased as he gently pushed me against the wall, putting his hands on my waist. "But you, i can't ignore you."


4. 4.

detention• Clara's POV; *3:00* "MONTIMONTIMONTIMONTIMONTI!" I shouted looking for her in the locker room. "Jeez Clar calm down im right here." She said and i ran to her. I attack hugged her which made both of us fall back. "Owww." She groaned and pushed me off. "Meanie. Anyway, guess whattt???" I asked smiling widely with teeth. "You broke up with Daniel?" Monti smiled widely. ...... "What?" I asked. "Oh, no right. Yeah what happened?" I shook my head and smiled again. "I have detention. Double detention!!!" I started jumping up and down in happiness. "Detention? Why are you so happy?" Monti looked at me weirdly, getting up. "MR. SEXY IS IN CHARGE OF TODAY'S DETENTION!!" I shouted, probably freaking some people out. "Oh my god giiiirrlll you're getting some today." Monti winked and i widened my eyes. "Oh god i swear you are scary sometimes." I told her and she giggled. "Go it's like 3:05!" I nodded and hugged her, gently this time and started walking really fast towards detention. Harry's POV; "Are you in charge of Detention?" This teacher asked me. "Yup, the Office guy told me." I said. She nodded and i went into the room. Detention starts at 3 pm. Nobody was in the room, and it was 3:09. I sat down on my chair and started playing temple run in my phone. "Uhm, may i come in?" I heard that beautiful voice again, meaning Clara's. I smiled and told her to come in. "You're almost 10 minutes late." I told her. "Sorry..i the washroom." She cleared her throat. I knew she was lying. I think she was probably with that filthy boyfriend of hers. "Alright. Take a seat." She nodded and sat beside the window, looking around awkwardly. "Hm, so what do you usually do in detention?" I asked. "Um, we just sit there and do nothing and do stuff in our phones so yeah that's what im gonna do now!" She smiled showing her teeth. She was honestly the most cutest thing ever. I chuckled and looked at her. "I don't think so. But hey since it's my first day with detention, then lets just talk." I smirked. Whenever i do that she just starts biting the inside of her lips. " what do you wanna talk about?" She asked. "I don't know, tell me stuff about this place." I said. "Well, this place is the worst place ever except my best friend, my other friends, BASKETBALL COURT, sorry that was loud and umm, yo- that's it." She smiled. She wanted to say a word at the end but- okay whatever. What about her boyfriend? "That's it? That's what you like about this place?" I asked. She shrugged and nodded. "Well okay.. Do you have a favourite subject?" I asked. "Chemistry." She smirked slightly. Well now i can surely call her more hot. "Chemistry? Ahh nice." I smirked back and she laughed slightly. "Okay um, you should finish your homework now. If you need any help, i'm right here." I smiled. "Alright." She said, starting to do her homework.
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