The Chemistry Teacher. -A Harry Styles fanfiction-

"I see the way all girls look at me. I'm not blind you know? And i also know what they talk about. I try to ignore them though." Mr. Styles says moving away a strand of hair from my face. My breathing increased as he gently pushed me against the wall, putting his hands on my waist. "But you, i can't ignore you."


2. 2.

Clara's POV;

"Did you look at his eyes? They are like the perfect shade of green...and did-did you look at his hair? Oh god oh god aND DID YOU SEE HIS TATTOO? I DONT THINK YOU NOTICED MONTI BUT I DID! Oh my he must have the perfect body inside is clothes. Thank god i came to school today i mean-" "Shut up." Monti interrupted me. She's suppose to actually, i think i've been doing this for like 15 minutes. "Oh god babe you have a boyfriend." Monti laughed. Oh wait, i do. "Well whatever. Mr. Styles is obviously hotter than him." I said taking a bite of the school's horrible sandwich. "True that." She winked. "Speaking of Boyfriend, where's he?" Monti asked. I shrugged and didn't say anything. Daniel is just impossible. He ignores me. "He's probably with his friends or so i don't even know." Monti sighed. "You deserve better to be honest." She said and got up. The bell had rung. "See you later. I have Drama now. BYEEEEEE!" I hugged her, and then said bye. I had Physics next. Bleh, I decided to bunk class and probably go look for Daniel. I started sneaking around, making sure teachers don't see me. After like 5 minutes of searching, I found Daniel. With another girl. "Oh..hey babe. This is Katy. Katy, this is Clara." I looked at him, and then at the girl. "Hey Clara." i gave her a smile. "Dan, I wanna talk to you." I said. "Okie, bye Kat." He took my hand and we started walking to the lockers room. "You wanted to talk?" He said. "Of course i did. I didn't see you in the cafeteria. Where are you all the time?" I asked. "Well, I didn't see you," he said. "You never came there. But i thought you would, but you didn't so i decided to bunk Physics to see you." I said. "Aw." he said. Aw? That's all he says? I sighed and looked away from him. That's when he pinned me against the wall. "Um, Daniel.. te-teacher-" "Sh." He put his finger on my lips. 

Harry's POV;

The principal told me to pretty much walk around and get used to this place today. Just when I got near the locker room, i saw some guy against Clara who couldn't move. Who the hell is he? I started to feel....Jealous. Wait no. Maybe he's her boyfriend? What..Clara has a boyfriend? SighWell, she's supposed to, I mean look a her...she's gorgeous. She's beautiful. 

Oh no. Stop it Harold, you're her teacher. 

I shook my head and looked at them for a last second. They were kissing. He kissed Clara. Clara was kissing back. I walked away before I saw something else. This needed to get out of my head. [[GET OUT GET OUT GET OUTTA MY HEAD- oops sorry continue i]] Clara kissing someone else. not good. I shouldn't care though.

Teacher, and nothing else. Just her chemistry teacher. 



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