The Chemistry Teacher. -A Harry Styles fanfiction-

"I see the way all girls look at me. I'm not blind you know? And i also know what they talk about. I try to ignore them though." Mr. Styles says moving away a strand of hair from my face. My breathing increased as he gently pushed me against the wall, putting his hands on my waist. "But you, i can't ignore you."


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NOTE; Please do not steal my story. What's gonna happen if you do? Stop being fake. It won't be your story anyway. You'll be guilty later.


[[[Chapter 1]]]


"Clara wake up." I groaned as my mom started shaking me. "Moomm i don't wanna go today.." I mumbled cuddling my pillow. "Clara no your school leaving exams are almost 2 months away!" I sighed and stretched while yawning as my mom walked back downstairs. I ran my fingers through my hair and got up. She's true, my exams are coming, can't miss a class. Plus i remember a new Chemistry teacher was coming today. "Come down in 15 minutes or you're gonna be late." My mom said and i nodded. I went the bathroom and took a quick 2 minutes shower. I brushed and changed into high waisted shorts and a crop top. I liked school, but not really that much. I have a few friends and an epic best friend. All the teachers are boring and yeah. But i didn't give a shit about them and instead i focused on my studies. I ran fingers through my long damp hair and walked outside the bathroom. "Clara c-" "coming mom!" I went downstairs and sat down to eat breakfast. I ate and chatted with mom for a little bit. "Okay bye mom!" I said and walked towards school after wearing my vans and grabbing my school bag. Just another day. Ignore the bullies, stay focused, don't get in trouble or detention.


At school;  

Late! I ran to the second floor. Almost slipping i reached the classroom panting. "I'm Mr Sty-" he stopped and looked at me. Damn. That's all i can say to describe the guy. Everyone was staring at me as if i just murdered someone. "Why are you all staring at me?" I asked rolling my eyes. The guy was staring at me. "Uh uh sorry.." I said. Monti, my best friend mouthed me something i didn't understand. "Come in..i guess..or do people get detention or something for being late? Or i don't know i'm new, so yeah." Everyone nodded while i shook my head. He chuckled and told me to come in. "Detention for you i guess." He said as i walked to my desk nodding. "Damn." I mumbled as i sat on the seat beside Monti's desk. She giggled and winked at me. "Okay as i was saying, i am Mr. Styles, your new Chemistry teacher..... Well, um, i, kinda suck at this but let me know your names. Lets start from the late girl." He smirked at me, i really started imagining stuff with him in my mind. "Clara." I said. "Mm hmm. Lets continue from row to row." He got to know all our names. "Okay now if you guys have any questions, then ask me. Your principal told me that no studying for today, so basically, it's ask Mr. Styles!" Everyone laughed a bit. Monti and i had the same facial expression. Ashley, the class bitch, rose her hand. "Um yea, A-ashely." Mr. Styles said. "How old are you?" She winked making me almost gag. "Um 22." Only four years older. Shit i didn't say that! "You're so young, why did you pick to teach us Chemistry?" Someone asked and Mr. Styles, lets just call him M.S, said, "well maybe i'm good at it?" He said and everyone laughed. And the questions continued. He's so hot, i must say he has sex hair, his green emerald eyes are so beautiful.

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