The Virtual Mortal Instruments

Ever wanted to be in The Mortal Instruments? Now you can. ( Sort of ;) ) This story will revolve around The Mortal Instruments but although most of the original characters will remain, there will be new ones too! :) Which is where you come in. ;) You can apply in the comments, I need this details :

Downworlder( Warlock/Fairie/Werewolve/Vampire) or Shadowhunter :
If you choose Shadowhunter, please add what your main weapon will be.
I will need :
2 Warlocks, 1 Fairie, 2 Werewolves, 2 Vampires, 4 Shadowhunters ( including me ;))
Please don't apply if your not on movellas much because every time we have a fight, I will ask questions on The Mortal Instruments and there will be a deadline or you will die and someone else can apply for you position.
So... My profile will be in the comments.
One more thing: Everone who chooses to be a Shadowhunter has to choose a special power, no power can be repeated.
Remember, there are limited positions... And, Good Luck.


2. We'll just start first.

So... guys, we'll just go ahead and start first but I would really appreciate it if you mumble about this. Anyway, requests will still be open though until the positions are all filled. Sorry for making you wait for so long. Clary and I are working on it. Try to be patient.

                                                                                                                        - Crystal


Hey, this is Clary- Um just wanted to ask the girls who applied for shadowhunters and are the age of 13, i.e- Bridgette, Ciara and Holly. Would it be okay if we raised your ages to 15 or older..? You may comment below what age or if you want to stay your current age in this movella.

-Thanks again, Clarrissa

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