The Virtual Mortal Instruments

Ever wanted to be in The Mortal Instruments? Now you can. ( Sort of ;) ) This story will revolve around The Mortal Instruments but although most of the original characters will remain, there will be new ones too! :) Which is where you come in. ;) You can apply in the comments, I need this details :

Downworlder( Warlock/Fairie/Werewolve/Vampire) or Shadowhunter :
If you choose Shadowhunter, please add what your main weapon will be.
I will need :
2 Warlocks, 1 Fairie, 2 Werewolves, 2 Vampires, 4 Shadowhunters ( including me ;))
Please don't apply if your not on movellas much because every time we have a fight, I will ask questions on The Mortal Instruments and there will be a deadline or you will die and someone else can apply for you position.
So... My profile will be in the comments.
One more thing: Everone who chooses to be a Shadowhunter has to choose a special power, no power can be repeated.
Remember, there are limited positions... And, Good Luck.


8. Interrogation

'Tell me!'

Alec glared at his captor from under his dark fringe, eyes icy and menacing. Praising the spitting classes that Jace had given him, he worked up an impressive glob of the stuff and spat it at the man's face.

'Over my dead body, bastard.'

The Bald Man sighed. As fun as torturing was, it did take so much effort. Why didn't these aggravating people ever just capitulate? Sighing again, he turned to the table next to him, carefully selected a knife, and held it to the black haired boy's throat. Alec snickered derisively.

'Do it then. Kill me. You'll never get the passcode.'

The Bald man smiled.

'Au contraire, my friend. I rather think I will.'

Alec frowned, and was still frowning as the man turned his knife to the still unconscious blonde boy on the floor. 

Jace lay still as the man approached him. Alec could almost hear his voice in his head: Don't tell him how to get into the Institute, Alec. I'm not worth it. Don't tell him. Let me die. But then again, Alec mused, he never really had paid much heed to what Jace thought. He summoned up as much voice as he could, shouting at the man's retreating figure.

'Fine! Fine! I'll tell you!'

The man halted, turning slowly, a malicious grin on his face. He came back to Alec, and began to stroke the knife under the boy's throat in an almost homoerotic gesture. When he spoke, his voice came out a purr.

'How...kind. Come on then...' The man suddenly grabbed Alec's chin roughly. Alec's insides felt foul at his touch, but he forced himself to glare into the man's eyes.

'You need shadow hunters to open the Institute.' Alec's eyes drifted to Jace, lying on the floor, his body bloodied. 'Two of them. Take us both to the Institute, and we'll open it for you.'

The man sighed contentedly. 'See? So much easier when you just tell me. When you tell me, I don't have to do...' The man's eyes hardened. '​This.' Alec felt the point of the knife digging deep into his face, carving a line from the side of his face to his jaw. The scream was wrest from him involuntarily as the agony spread like fire through his veins. The man laughed- a sound like glass rubbing against glass.

'And you will not try anything tricksie, or your little friend will get the same treatment.'

He left, black coat swishing patterns in the dust on the floor behind his. The clang of the door was the only sound that answered Alec's immediate cries to his brother.

He could only hand like a doll from the wall, desperately trying to think of how he could not betray his people and family, hoping that death hadn't taken his only living brother.

Talk about dire.

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