The Virtual Mortal Instruments

Ever wanted to be in The Mortal Instruments? Now you can. ( Sort of ;) ) This story will revolve around The Mortal Instruments but although most of the original characters will remain, there will be new ones too! :) Which is where you come in. ;) You can apply in the comments, I need this details :

Downworlder( Warlock/Fairie/Werewolve/Vampire) or Shadowhunter :
If you choose Shadowhunter, please add what your main weapon will be.
I will need :
2 Warlocks, 1 Fairie, 2 Werewolves, 2 Vampires, 4 Shadowhunters ( including me ;))
Please don't apply if your not on movellas much because every time we have a fight, I will ask questions on The Mortal Instruments and there will be a deadline or you will die and someone else can apply for you position.
So... My profile will be in the comments.
One more thing: Everone who chooses to be a Shadowhunter has to choose a special power, no power can be repeated.
Remember, there are limited positions... And, Good Luck.


9. Author's Note

Hi everyone,

I know it has been ages since we last wrote a chapter and this sort of fell apart but we've ( meaning me- Crystal and River, we don't know about Clary) decided to pick this up again because, like River said, it would be a shame to delete this.

So... If you guys are up for it, we'll be continuing from where we left off. But please comment or something to let us know you're still interested. Please comment by 18 November 2014 ( 1 month's time) Thanks. :) And for those who do not, well, we'll ask for new applications.

Also, there will be some changes. Since most of you didn't join the group for the questions, we will ask the questions on the movella itself, as a chapter.

Basically, that's it. I'm really sorry to have kept everyone waiting but I do hope that all of you will want to continue with this.

                              ~Crystal (and River) :)

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