One Less Lonely Girl

Alexis has always been a fan of Justin. Then, one day when she's at his concert with her friend she gets the opportunity of a lifetime, and some other surprises that come along to.


4. Feelings

The Next Day (Justin's P.O.V.)

Since the date last night I couldn't stop thinking about Alexis. She's just so sweet, and that's what I look for in a girl. She's sweet, has a great laugh, and easy is to talk to. Most girls if I'd ask them on a date would just know me as Justin Bieber the superstar and I can't really talk to them about anything personal but, with Alexis, I feel like I can talk to her about me, about the normal me and things like that, not like other girls where all they want to know is what my next music piece is so they can tell their friends. We had really great time. I then got a text message form Ryan.

Text Message(Ryan):

Hey man, how was your date with Alexis?


Good, She's really nice, I think I might like her man


Ask her out then buddy


I'm scared, what if she says no


Dude she won't, this girl seems like she likes you for you not because your Justin Bieber

With what Ryan just told me I will ask her out, my heart tells me so and she makes me happy:)

(Alexis's P.O.V.)

Last night I had a great time with Justin, he was really sweet. I then got a text message from Samantha.

Text message(Samantha):

Hey how'd your date go with Justin?

(Alexis): good, he was really sweet last night

(Samantha): Do you like him?

(Alexis): Maybe why?

(Samantha): if you say that, then that's a yes! You should ask him out!

(Alexis): I can't, what if he says no, he could have a girlfriend

(Samantha): FINE! Looks like I'm gunna have to come to the rescue.

(Alexis): what that's mean?

Samantha never responded to my text after that.

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