Its complicated

Its hard moving schools but especially when your ex is there and you like his bestmate! This is a battle for love and effection! But who will alex choose?


6. day5- no more lies

Well a new day i hope a new beginning! Yesterday was such a bad dya and i just want to make eveything normal. So i planned out my day: going to go school, speak to harry tell him that we need a break and then tell zayn that im thinking about getting together with him if he wants the same. So here goes the day.

Well eveything went to plan but was very upsetting for harry as i told him that we need a break he had watery eyes and it takes a lot of upsetting to make a boy cry and that again is my fault but like I've said before life goes on. The worst part is he knows why were breaking up, because i want to be with zayn. My mind is made up. Anyway i gave harry the last kiss and he held his cheek after i walked away to find zayn. Zayn was in the school canteen eating his lunch and as i sat with him he looked me in the eye and said "i know what this is about, you don't want to be with me do you?"

"No its the complete opposite i do want to be with you if you want to be with me?" He slammed his knife and fork down and leaned over the table and kissed me it was quote funny because he had a tuna jacket potato and he stunk of tuna:). But i feel better with zayn because I'm happy and i know what i want know. Every lesson i had with harry i felt bad as he was still very upset after another breakup but my goal is to get lauren and harry together, their so cute together! But lets take a day at a time right? Well me and zayn are very happy and i felt like tonight was the right time to introduce zayn to mum. She didn't seem to happy as she said "but you've only just broke up with harry, are you sure this this is what you want? Well yes i do want this i feel safe with zayn i feel haply again! Me and zayn have planned that were going to go on our first date to the cinema tonight so i best get ready, don't worry ill tell you how it goes!

Well i had a brilliant time at the cinema i watched a film called 'The relationships' and coincidentally it just told the same story as i have and its such a soppy film and zayn even cried too but he held me tight and kissed me goodnight tonight. I love him so much and there will be no more lies.

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