Its complicated

Its hard moving schools but especially when your ex is there and you like his bestmate! This is a battle for love and effection! But who will alex choose?


7. day 6- happy

The happiness i work up with this morning is amazing! And im looking forward to seeing zayn later!

Just like any other day i walked through the schools black gates with a big smile on my face. I jumped out of my skin because someone hugged me from behind but when i felt his touch i knew it was zayn. We walked to form together hand in hand and the look harry gave us was appalling maybe hes jealous of what me and zayn have? Well im happy and hes happy and thats all that matters!

At lunch i saw zayn and harry together which i thought was a bit unusual but when they got to me they both said "we've made up" part of me was happy for them but part of me was kind of upset because i don't want yesterday to happen all over again.

Zayn told me "Alex sit down me and harry have something to tell you" i was worried, what had i done wrong? But it wasn't anything to do with me they said they've both got a hidden talent and it was singing. I didn't believe them and burst out laughing but then j realised they weren't laughing and were being serious. So i said "i didn't know you could sing!" And zayn replied with "we are actually pretty good and we are wanting to go on A talent show buy first we want 3 more boy members for our band" i was in shock that they were actually taking this seriously. After they revealed their talent they asked me if i wanted to be a judge with them to choose their other band members. However i thought to myself "i cant sing i know nothing about it" harry must of read my mind and also said l"you don't have to sing to be a judge, you just need to know who's good and who's not" so i said yes, it sounded easy enough! The auditions are tomorrow and I'm really excited. We are all happy.

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