Its complicated

Its hard moving schools but especially when your ex is there and you like his bestmate! This is a battle for love and effection! But who will alex choose?


4. day 3- who do i love?

Last night i hardly slept, why does it have to be boys that mess my head up! Its complicated! Right so today i need to decide who i like and who i don't i think i might have to call me and harry off for a while until i decide who is the one i like!

School today was horrible! The eye contact me and zayn made every time me and harry hugged and kissed was unreal. Is it really zayn i love? I was ready to tell harry the truth, once again. Bur it was just so hard because he was smiling for once! He likes me and i like him and zayn! Ugh life is hard. So today i spoke to lauren about it all and told her about me dating harry and liking zayn and she said she has seen the way zayn looks at me. I felt like i could trust lauren with my secrets as she is the only girl friend i have to be honest but i cant be honest about anything anymore.

When the day ended again i hugged harry good bye as we split our ways whilst walking home, but it just did not feel right we don't have that connection between us like we used too and that unfortunate because we were such a good couple but now, now i just don't know whats right anymore and i feel so hopeless. I knowing moaning a lot but who do i love? Whilst i hug harry i feel like hugging zayn as well i love him! There. I said it.

Shall i text zayn and tell him how i feel? Id like to but what if he shows harry, i don't want to loose him! I suppose its better if i tell zayn face to face but you know I'm no good at telling the truth i just chicken out. I really am stuck and i know i tell mum everything but i need to get used to working things out alone and get used to it!

In just going to quickly put an end to this day before i do something i regret. Who do i love? Zayn? Harry? Both? None? Ill sleep on it.

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