Its complicated

Its hard moving schools but especially when your ex is there and you like his bestmate! This is a battle for love and effection! But who will alex choose?


2. Day 1- first day...

Well todays the day, my first day at my new high school and I'm so nervous and the only person i know is harry! And that is terrible! But life goes on. Right i best get off to school and say goodbye to mother!

I had a great day i suppose, as soon as i walked through those big black gates i felt at home i don't know why but i did! 3 girls came up to me and introduced themselves, however, before i could even say my name i was pulled away from the girls by another girl and told me "if i was you i wouldn't turn into one of them lets just keep it at that!" Well that was me told! " Alex right?" How did she know my name? Well she said that harry told everyone about me , i hope it was good things anyway and at that point he came over. My heart was racing so fast what was he going to say or do, what was i going to say or do! Anyway he just sat down across fro me and my friend lauren and just said hi, hi? Just hi, was that all he got to say after i got that text message? Well i was, shall i say, saved by the bell mr harry styles needs to buck his ideas up because i am over him, i think, oh i don't know what i want anymore! When me and lauren arrived on form my tutor introduced me to everyone and i felt very welcomed.

The day went pretty fast and soon enough it was over and i walked home with lauren. When i got home mum was really fussing about school just like any mother saying 'nice day?' 'Meet anybody nice' 'any good points/bad?' Well nope it was just fine. I went upstairs to get changed out of this un comfy uniform and lay on my bed and thought about harry and this friend he had with him today who also seemed quite hot anyway that was my day and i loved it lets see what tomorrow brings!

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