Only time will tell

Kristin, Hazel and April have been best friends for as long as they can remember, they have stuck by each other through ever thing. Hazel and April start to rebel against their parents and soon get chucked out of their house, they move to another area and bring Kristin with them. Homeless and alone they have to rely on getting boyfriends to get food and places to stay. On one occasion they bump into One Direction what will happen? 'Only time will tell...'


1. Goodbye

I always was the innocent one. The youngest. The quietest. The sweetest. No one really asked my opinion on things I was just dragged along. Don’t get me wrong, the others are like sisters to me, I love them. I just wish they would realise I can make my own choices to. I am old enough to understand. I’m 18 just like them. We were moving again, Hazel had, had an argument with her boyfriend and he chucked us out so we now have nowhere to stay. I sighed and stood from the bench I was sitting on in the garden I had fallen in love with, I picked a pink flower from the ground near my foot and smelt it. It smelt so lovely.
“Kristin!” I heard April call from behind me; I turned to see her waving her arms above her head like a crazy person. “Come on we have to get everything out of the house in...” She looked at her watch and her eyes widened. “15 minutes!” she gestured for me to follow her and ran off. I sighed, looking around the beautiful garden I would never see again, all the flowers of different colours, all the butterflies and birds whose home this was, the bench I had spent so many hours sitting on; drawing, singing, thinking. Tears formed in my baby blue eyes, a single tear fell.

“A best friend sees the first tear...” Hazel said, now standing in front of me, staring at the tear. “Catches the second...” She caught another tear in her hand. “And stops the third” She added as we both smiled. “Are you ok?” She asked her face serious. Hazel was the oldest and was defiantly the mum out of the group. I nodded giving her a hug.

“I’m just going to miss this place.” I replied truthfully. She pulled away and sighed, looking into my eyes, I looked into hers. The perfect shade of Hazel, That’s where she got her name from. Her parents loved how beautiful her eyes were compared to everyone else’s.
“I’m sorry.” She told me, I nodded. “When we finally get our own place, we will have a garden just like this... I promise.” She always does that makes promises she can’t keep. We will never have our own place, we don’t have any money. “Come on all the suitcases are in the boot of the taxi, let’s go.” She grabbed hold of my hand and dragged me out of the garden, up the small path and out into the deserted street, I was still clutching the flower I picked. I saw April and Hazels now X-boyfriend standing nears a taxi having an argument, probably about nothing worth arguing about. I never liked him, always drunk, always shouting, always scaring me. It was good to see the last of him. He walked back into his dirty, small house and slammed the door; the number on his door wobbled and fell off. A smile formed on my lips as I got into the taxi with Hazel and April.

“Where to?” asked the taxi driver. I and April looked at Hazel, like I said; she was the mother of the group.

“London” She said without hesitation. The driver nodded and drove off. London it is then. I leant back in my chair and let my eyes close, this was going to be a long drive and I had, had no sleep last night since all I heard was Hazel and her boyfriend arguing, shouting at each other like there was no tomorrow. 

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