Only time will tell

Kristin, Hazel and April have been best friends for as long as they can remember, they have stuck by each other through ever thing. Hazel and April start to rebel against their parents and soon get chucked out of their house, they move to another area and bring Kristin with them. Homeless and alone they have to rely on getting boyfriends to get food and places to stay. On one occasion they bump into One Direction what will happen? 'Only time will tell...'


3. Alfie Parker?

"Wake up, Wake up!" Hazel shouted practically jumping up and down on me "I have news!"

"Good news?" I asked sitting up and stretching my arms which made a clicking noise. Hazel nodded as a smirk crawled onto her face ever so slightly. I motioned my hand telling her to elaborate.

"Well, I was talking to Alfie..."

"Alfie Parker?" I interrupted, Alfie Parker used to go to our school and everyone knew he had the biggest crush on Hazel ever! Although Alfie was very hot, funny and kind, Hazel was to court up in her own life to notice therefore blanked him till the day we left school. Bless him.

"Yes Alfie Parker." I squealed waving my arms about at her answer but was not quite sure why so pouted and sank my shoulders. "Can I continue?" I nodded still pouting. "So I was talking to Alfie Parker and his father owns a cruise ship and he's working there at the moment and he invited us all to stay there for a while!"

"OMG!" I squealed for a good reason then and I was joined by April this time to.

"I know! the ship leaves tonight so we need to get going" all three of us squealed that time.

"do you really have to scream every two seconds!" Isabella complained from what once was a doorway.

"sorry" all three of us said at the same time, we seem to do that a lot. Don't know why...


The ship arrived exactly on time, I could never do that I am always late never on time unless its someone else's responsibility to get me there. I used to be late to lessons, doctors and dentist appointments, anything. Anyway, the ship was beautiful to look at.

As soon as people were able to go abroad what looked like hundred of people ran for the only entrance. Me, Hazel and April were some of the first up the stairs/ladder that lead inside but were stuck behind this couple who couldn't find there ticket! Come on! Once we were finally in the ship I gasped looking around. It was all so... WOW!

"Hazel?" I heard a familiar voice say in disbelief. We all turned to be met with a smiling Alfie.

"How did you recognise me?" Hazel asked the obvious but we were all wondering it. He laughed and blushed ever so slightly.

"I spent so many years staring at you, memorising your face that I could never forget the colour of your eyes or the shape of your face. I suppose its like when you memorise your favourite song and you never really forget it..." That was so sweet if Hazel doesn't fall in love with him then I don't think she ever will. I looked over at her to see that tears were forming in her eyes. A smirk found its way onto my face, I looked at April and she had the same smirk.

"Bingo" We whispered to each other.

"Let me show you to your rooms" Alfie said after a moment of un awkward silence of literally just staring at each other, well Hazel and Alfie were. He lead us up the stairs opposite us and though a corridor before stopping in front of a door marked 'room 27' "Here you are." He put in the key and opened it up revealing what was inside.

"This is so nice" I said as I jumped onto the closet bed which I would later claim as mine "And the beds are so comfy!" April jumped onto the other bed and laid down.

"Yep, I don't think life gets better than this." She agreed closing her eyes sighing deeply.

"Where am I sleeping? Do I really have to sleep on that?" Hazel said pointing to the little bed above Aprils.

"I know you girls were always really close so I got you a room with three beds but if you wanted to you can sleep in my room..." Alfie almost mumbled rubbing the back of his neck. Can this boy get any cuter, seriously.

"I'd love to."

"Really?" Alfie looked like a two year old who had been given the go ahead to eat as many sweets as he wanted. Hazel nodded in reply and they walked out of the room hand in hand with only a "Goodbye" and a little wave.

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