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7. why pretend?

I woke up to the snoring of Jordyn. Great.

But his snore was kinda cute, I guess

I started to cook breakfast since he was asleep. I guessed he wouldn't wake up until later, so I just walked around with a baggy jumper on, luckily it was covering my pants.

I bent over to get some plates the I felt two hands go around my hip.

"JORDYN!" I jumped.

"Why are you making breakfast? I should be doing that." He suggested.

"It's okay, besides I've already made it." I have a quick smile.

We sat down and started eating, I gave Jordyn more as I can't eat a lot of bacon and eggs and toast.

"So, what are we doing today?" Jordyn asked abit excitedly.

"What do you mean?" What does he mean? He's staying?

"Well, since I'm here and you have nothing else better to do, why not?" He challenged.

"Ugh, fine."

"How about we go to the beach?" Jordyn said with his mouth full. How attractive, not.

"Sure" I agreed.


{At the beach, mid-day}

My outfit was perfect for today!

High waisted black shorts, with a laced crop top and to too it off, a pair of Nike air Jordan's. Jordan's are my favourite my shoes! I wore a bikini underneath which was pretty. The top but was a twisted tunic, white. And the bottom was white.

"Will you pretend to be my girlfriend Nikki?" Jordyn asked out of nowhere.

"Uu-uhh. Okay..?! But what for?" I was so concerned. Why would he ask me? I'm not the prettiest girl, he can a lot better!

"To show you off duhh" and he grabbed my hand and headed over to the skatepark as I laughed at his goofiness. (P.s skatepark is right next to the beach)

"Ayeee, Jordyn!" One guy came up to him, I was hiding slightly behind Jordyn but still holding his hand.

"Hey Brian--" Jordyn got interrupted in his sentence.

"Who's this?" Brian asked pointing to me.

"Umm.. This is my girlfriend, Nikki. Nikki this is Brian." Jordyn sounded nervous.

Brian stared at me for a few seconds and then began,

"Ahh, she's cool bro, how'd you find such a pretty lady?" He winked.

"It's nice to meet you Brian" I gave a quick ankle, showing my dimples.

"She's a keeper Jordyn." Jordyn carried on walking to a group of skater guys.

"What's a girl doing here?" One of the guys said.

"Excuse me?" I said.

"So what if a girl is here. What's your problem?" I said.

"This is a skate place not a meet-a-guy-and-flirt place, sorry to break it to you hunny." His mates laughed.

This bastard. I know how to skate actually, I'm a pro, (not boasting) I used to train to do tricks at stadiums and stuff.

"Give me that." I took the skateboard.

I places it on the edge.

"I'll show you how it's done."

"Nikki, are you sure--" Jordyn has no idea I can do these things.

"Shutup, let the girl embarrass herself Jordyn."

I slid off, and dropped down the dip, I done an alpha flip and a 540 flip. The guys mouths had dropped. They were shocked. Girls can surprise you sometimes!

I came back up on the platform.

"I would do more, but I'm worried your jaw might fall to the floor love."

The guy quickly closed his mouth as his mates laughed and said 'ooohhhAHHH you got owned dude by a girl?'

"Who is she anyway?" The guy asked Jordyn.

"She's my girlfriend, Nikki." He held my hand once again.

"Here's your skateboard, sorry about that." I gave an awkward laugh.

"Nikki this is Miko, Miko this is Nikki."

We just both gave each other smiles.

"Come on, Jordyn. Let's go get some smoothies!"

I grabbed his hand and we scampered away.


{got our smoothies, I got a strawberry and line one, Jordyn got peach and apple}

"Haha, omg you totally owned Miko!" Jordyn was in tears, from crying.

"It wasn't that funny.." I looked at him, I couldn't keep my laugh in.

"HAHA, just kidding it was! Up top!" I have him a high five.

"How did you learn how to do those tricks?" Jordyn asked curiously.

"I used to get payed to learn how to do tricks on skateboards at stadiums and stuff." I casually said.

"Woah! You never told me this! There's more to you then I didn't know." He chuckled.

"And there's still more to find out.." He whispered seductively in my ear.

"Jordyn, we're in public loser! And if you want me to keep in pretending to be your girlfriend, then don't do them things in public." I laughed.

"Who said we had to pretend?" He grinned.

Did he just ask me out? Are we going out?

I really like him, enough to say that.. I love him.


**Authors note**

OMG guysss<3 what's going to happen? Will they go out, or is Nikki unsure about her feelings? Will she bump into another guy? Who knows!

Don't forget to comment what you think!;*


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