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5. rivals

There was something about Matt, I just couldn't put my finger on..

He's a bad boy, maybe that's why I like him?

But what about Jordyn.. Last night.. We.. We slept together..

Not in that way, just in a kind of 'protect' way.

It was nice to feel like that.


"Hey Nikki!" Matt shouted through the hallway.

"I hope you're okay.. You know.. After last night.." He asked nervously.

"Haha yes I'm fine, Matt!" He leant in, with his arms open.

We hugged.

W-wait?! We hugged!! B-but..

I went to release my arms around his body.

"Wait." He stopped me.

"Just a little longer." He chuckled.

"Ugh fine.." I rolled my eyes.

"NIKKI!" I heard a familiar voice.

I released my grip fast and turned around.

I saw Matt had a huge grin across his face, I looked to see who he was looking at- Jordyn. Just my luck.


"What are you doing?"

"She was hugging me." Matt interrupted.

"I wasn't asking you." Jordyn snapped. Matt walked away and chuckled.

"What's your problem Jordyn?!" I said.

"Why were you hugging him?!"

"He was asking if I was okay after last night jeez." I wanted to forget the whole thing.

"Well don't talk to him! He's a trouble maker."

"Whatever." I rolled my eyes.

*rinnnnnng rinnnnnngggg*

"Next class now, see you Jordyn" I hugged him.

He seemed to tense as I hugged..

It doesn't seem like him.

"Ya bye." He waved.

Something wasn't right. Why are they rivals?


*authors note*

Sorry for short chapter guys, but this helps introduce the next chapter:D


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