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1. Moving

"No, I don't want to leave!" I screamed to my mom.

"We are leaving in 3 days and that's final, Nikita!"

I decided not to answer her back because either way, I'm still going. Stupid life, ugh.

My name is Nikita (if you haven't guessed already), and I'm no where near girly. But I do like fashion, and makeup but I don't wear a lot of makeup. I absolutely love sports, my coach says I could be train to be in the Olympics.

It's just me and my mom. My mom and dad split up 5 years ago and I have a half sister but she is 18 and living with her dad.

My mom and I are moving to Mexico, I'm going to miss my friends here in England. But you know, got to move on. I'm only going to miss one person and that's my best friend Annie. I love her to pieces!

I'm half Mexican (partly why we're moving to Mexico, it's my mom's birth home).

Oh, and I don't like my name Nikita, people call me Nikki!


Authors note:

Hey guys! Sorry for the short chapter but you need this for the story. It's just introducing Nikita and things. But I will try and make the next chapter longer!

Thanks for your support,


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