17 year old senior student Audrey Taylor meets someone opposite from her normal likings.. Harry Styles, 19, bad boy of the school, has ideas wrapped around his finger . Are his plans as well as they turn out ?


9. Chapter 8

Arriving at Harry's flat made me feel anxious about what's going to happen. I had a strange feeling in my stomach but at the same time I know that I shouldn't be scared because Harry would never hurt me in any way.

"Do yo want anything to drink?" Harry's deep raspy voice speaking snapping me out of my thoughts.

"No thank you, I'm fine." I simply stated sitting down on the kitchen stool, admiring the look of the area. Beautiful white couches filled with pops of black here and there. Just now noticing how beautiful it looks while the sun shines through the glass windows lightly shaded over with clouds passing by ...


"I want to talk to you for a bit. Is that alright?" He asked breaking he silence .

"Yeah sure, what do you need to talk about?"

"U-um well I would like to know if you actually aren't afraid of me.. Like some people." Nervously looking at me trying to detect any signs on my face.

"Of course I'm not afraid of you. I feel so comfortable around you or when I'm with you it's crazy, your the one I can open up too."

with those words he smashed his lips onto mine.


haven't updated in FOREVER . So decided to it now. Ily guys . And thank you for 200+ reads. <3 I'll update soon .

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