17 year old senior student Audrey Taylor meets someone opposite from her normal likings.. Harry Styles, 19, bad boy of the school, has ideas wrapped around his finger . Are his plans as well as they turn out ?


8. chapter 7

*1 week later*

I've skipped a couple classes to ditch with Harry.. Still have not been caught

It's 1 o'clock on this gloomy day and I'm here in class with my arm against the desk supporting my head..

The bell finally rings and I walk to the lunch table me and Harry usually sit at to find him not there. I still take a seat by myself . After a few minutes have passed I feel a hand shuffle my hair, I look up and find those jade green eyes starring back f me .

"Harry! Hi" wow didn't that come out more surprisingly

"Hello babe" he says as he take a seat on the chair across from me

"So what have you been up too?" I ask

"Nothing really .. You wanna hang out after school today ?" I think for a moment

"I have a bunch of homewo-" I am cut off my his starting of a sentence . Ok then

"Oh come on. You could do that later, pleeeaaase?"

"Fine." I already know that I'm not going to get the work done.


Last bell of the day rings and I get up from my seat finding Harry leaning up against the wall waiting .

"Hey, are you ready?" He says pecking me on the cheek

"Yup, let's go"


Wow update. Sorry this sucks I know lol. But yeah sorry it's been so long since I've updated . :) I'll try to update faster . ~

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