17 year old senior student Audrey Taylor meets someone opposite from her normal likings.. Harry Styles, 19, bad boy of the school, has ideas wrapped around his finger . Are his plans as well as they turn out ?


5. chapter 5

hope you enjoy !

Harry's POV

We decide that we are going back to my flat and staying there for the night. We arive.

Aud's small hand is cupped in mine as I lead her through the front door into my warm house. She entwines our hands and lets out a sigh.

"What's wrong ?" I ask worriedly

"Nothing. Just tired, that's all."

I lead her to my room and she quickly shuffles up the stairs getting up before me and waits with a grin.

"Beat ya!!" I rolled my eyes

"Whatever" she giggles and I take her hand again and I enter the door of my room with her following behind me. She passes by me into my room laying herself down on my bed. I laugh, at the thought of how comfortable she is with me not being so serious. I go and change handing her one of my shirts and gray pants she groans and gets up from the bed making me turn around so she can change. As I leave the room I go and change I come back to see her fast asleep.

I roll in bed too and fall asleep.... I told her I liked her. I meant it. But we are not together. Does she even want to be with a guy like me.


Not very happy about this chapter, sorry. I'm sleepy and I just wanted to update real quick ?? What do you think will happen next. Can u please comment favorite and like. Thanks !! Bye guyyssss !! <3 comment favorite like.

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