17 year old senior student Audrey Taylor meets someone opposite from her normal likings.. Harry Styles, 19, bad boy of the school, has ideas wrapped around his finger . Are his plans as well as they turn out ?


4. Chapter 4

Waking up Saturday morning is the best feeling ever.. not having to worry about waking up early.. 

i check my phone and i see that i have 4 notifications. 

Harry 2 missed calls

Harry 2 texts -

sorry babe. xx

please answer me. 


ugh. i answer the texts with simple answers. Literally 5 seconds after sending the message he replies. 

'can we talk about this.'

Talk about what. he's acting like we are in some kind of relationship. He can't control me. or can he? Has he already? All these questions float through my mind...

i finally get my arse out of bed and lead myself to the bathroom.. Finally finishing up in the bathroom i head downstairs finding a note on the counter. from mum.

'goodmorning honey.. i've gone out to do some errands, and should be back by this evening. There's enough food in the kitchen. xx -mum'

sweet. i'll probably just go and call Harry, even though i'm not in the best mood to be talking to him. He answers on the 3rd ring and after the call he ends up coming to my place which i had agreed on.  He should be here in about 10 minutes.


as i was sitting on the couch i here the doorbell and i quickly reach the door finding Harry's green beautiful eyes staring back at me.

"Hey" i greet him.

"hello. good afternoon love." i smiled at the thought of him calling me love.. 

"well, come inside." he pasts me leaving his beautiful scent behind.. 

we sit down on the couch and it becomes quiet. Really quiet

"so-" he breaks the silence.

"so, what did you want to talk about?"

"well, um.. are you mad at me?" yes.. no. i don't know. i know i can't be mad at him. I just couldn't resist. 

"no." that came out awkward and then there comes the silence again. ugh.

"ok well then good. what do you want to do?" 

"anythings fine really.''

"ok. wanna walk through the park.?" looking at me as his eyes are soft

"yeah sure, let me just change real quick, i'll be out in a sec."


i go upstairs and pick something casual. I finally pick a an outfit. a black tee white jeans with little rips in them with a leather jacket and a white fluffy scarf with my maroon convers.

i run back down stairs finding Harry stiting on the couch on his phone. i plop myself on the couch and he looks up and smiles. 

"shall we go" he chuckles and gets up from his seat. 

We walk to the park because its not that far away and its nice out, not to cold not to hot but more on the cold side. i liked it. 

As we are walking i ask him a question, 

"why me?" he looks at me confusingly

"huh? why would you ask that?"

"because i mean there's alot more girls out there that are beautiful that you could've picked. why me? why so interested.?" he stopped and turned to me making me face him. 

"Because, Audrey, your beautiful, and different, your carefree, and your not so uptight. i like that. your unique i your own way." i smile big and i can't help myself from not hugging him so that's what i end up doing and we finally pull away but Harry's arm still snaked around my waste. By this time we make it to the park and have small talk every now and then. We sit on a bench by with a tree towering over it just like me and Harry. I'm so small yet he is so much taller than me. As we sit down, i look up staring at him and he turns his head back to me and I look away, suddenly he grabs my chin gently and crashes his lips into mine. Our lips moved in sync. I wrapped my hands around his neck and we move closer together. We pull apart from which seem like it lasted for forever, and he looks at me while i stare back. 

"I really like you Audrey." i feel the heat rising to my cheeks. 

"I really like you too Harry. Really." that was no lie i know its early but this is how i feel. I forgot everything that happened the other night and let it pass like it wasn't even there. I loved this moment right now and nothings going to ruin it. 


Helloo! just a quick update, hope you like it. xx please share, favorite, and comment. it would mean soo much. have a lovely evening or morning, night depending on your time zone. Bye guuyss. <3


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