17 year old senior student Audrey Taylor meets someone opposite from her normal likings.. Harry Styles, 19, bad boy of the school, has ideas wrapped around his finger . Are his plans as well as they turn out ?


3. Chapter 3

Why can't he just leave me alone. I don't even want to go to this stupid party anyway.

I go upstairs and get dressed in just high wasted shorts and a white fitted crop top. I may not be a party girl but I know how to dress.


I'm done putting on mascara and brushing my teeth again and I head downstairs with Harry's eyes locked on my appearance.


"Ready?" Looking somewhat 'amused'


"Okay let's go"

We walk to the car in silence "you look.. Nice"

"Thanks. You don't look so bad yourself"


We arrive at the house and it's huge, a mansion I think. There's people sucking each other's faces out. We step out of the car making our way to the door and Harry opens it and a wave of heat hits my body. He leads me to a group of people on a couch that are like him; tattoos and piercing some with dyed hair

"Guys this is Audrey"

"Hi." And I give them a smile

"Hey, I'm Zayn"

"Nice to meet you" I glance at Harry and he is tense.

Someone hands me a red cup and I refuse to take it

"I-i don't drink"

"Oh so your 'that' girl"

"Excuse me?" Sounding slightly annoyed. She ignores me a laughs turning to the person next to her starting a conversation.

"LETS PLAY A GAME !" A guy with brown hair going all directions says. I think I see a tattoo on his forearm what seems to be some kind of bird ?

"Who's he?" I ask Harry

"He's Louis" and I nod

"What game ?" Zayn asks

"Truth or Dare" he replies

The game goes on and on people taking dares and shots. People get dared to make out with people and remove clothing.

"Audrey! Truth or dare?" Louis asks me


"Ok. I dare you to kiss Zayn" with a evil smile playing on his face.

"What ?! No."

"Why not. A kiss won't hurt" I glance over at Zayn then Harry.


Zayn gives me a shrug, and Harry looks like hes about to blowup. no im not kissing zayn

¨No! im not kissing Zayn.¨ i said through my gritted teeth.

¨ok. ok. feisty aren't you¨ louis says.

Harry looks relieved. As i am too that i didn't do the dare.



¨Harry take me home.¨ 

¨what why? the party has only begun, love¨ hes drunk. great, look slike i will be walking home tonight.  i get up from my position and head towards the door. I fell a hand grip my arm. Harry. once again. 

¨where do you think your going?¨

¨home.¨ as i yank my arm away from his hold and hes to fast and grabs me again.


¨what do you want! you bring me here forcing me with no choice after i said no. i want to go home, i dont belong here OKAY.¨ with that i walk away. I'm pretty glad he didn't go after me. 


i arrive at my doorstep and good thing my mom had to work late tonight or i would've been in big trouble. My mom is a doctor. I open the door and i run upstairs and i take off my clothes and hop in the shower. Just as i get out my mom is home. 


¨Hi, honey¨ she greets me with a warm smile

¨hey mom.¨ giving a smile back, ¨Well im going to change and get ready for bed, goodnight mom.¨

¨ok then, well goodnight.¨ giving me a kiss on the cheek.


i change into my favorite pajama pants that were white and had a christmasy tribal print on it and i just put on a black shirt.

i lay back in bed and go on my phone for a while and i drift off sleep.

This week was the longest week of my life. 



hellooo!! hope your doing alright. 

please favorite and like this book.. it helps alot. 

toni xx

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