17 year old senior student Audrey Taylor meets someone opposite from her normal likings.. Harry Styles, 19, bad boy of the school, has ideas wrapped around his finger . Are his plans as well as they turn out ?


2. Chapter 2

thank you for reading and i hope you guys enjoy!! 




It's been 2 days since I've seen Harry around and i just cant get him off my mind.. i now we barely know each other but there's something about him that i feel good about but then there's a bad side towards my thoughts. He seems mysterious with all those tattoos, but they seem to loo- Stop Aud my mind tells me once again. 


6th period is finally over and the teacher dismisses us and i'm out the door in a second. It's friday and im relieved that i can lay down in bed peacefully without waking up early.... someone grips my arm tightly and i wince and am turned around to see Harry's jade eyes staring down at me 


¨what the hell !¨ 


¨well hello to you too, Aud¨


¨what do you want Harry?¨ sounding a bit annoyed that he just grabbed my arm tightly.


¨fiesty aren't you love. well there's a party tonight. and your gonna be there


¨what. no. im not going anywhere, especially with.. you.¨ taken back by my words he shakes it off quickly 


¨great ! pick you up at 7. bye aurdrey¨ and before i can respond he's gone in midair.


As i hop into my car my phone beeps. 


see you later babe


ugh. i don't want to go. and im not going to either. Hell no, im not going to a party and get drunk. God knows what will happen.


As i enter the house it's empty, just like i expected it. I run upstairs and land flat onto my bed and fall a sleep.


The doorbell rings and as i get up from my sleep i check my phone and see what time it is. '6:27'

gosh who would be at my door at this time.



¨um.. what are you doing here?¨ he chuckles. what the hell. 


¨what's so funny??¨


¨come on and get dressed. the party, remember?¨ 


¨you think i was actually going with you?¨ i let out a laugh


¨come on Aud, its just a party.¨ i shrug and i look at the ground. A warm hand rises to my chin and lifts it up so now i'm looking at him.


¨Please??¨ he begs. ugh fine. wait no audrey. 


¨OK. fine. But i'm not drinking¨ he rolls his eyes and smirks.. 


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