The Love Pentagram

I am officially stuck. Stuck in Love, in a Love pentagram.

This is why, me, Hope Webster never get interested in boys. I always end up in a huge melodramatic high school drama. Ugh and trust me i hate those.

5 girls, 1 boy and countless amount of fights and apologies.

Please get on board for a ridonkulous ride!

*based on a true story*


1. Am I falling for him?

I always wondered why girls date someone, and the guy breaks her heart and even after then, she falls for someone else and starts dating him, knowing that he is going to break your heart in the end anyway? Well I always wondered that, until I fell for someone. Well, more like head first crashed. I wish I didn't because i always knew there was going to be drama either way, but there is no way out unless you dont 'like him' anymore. We all know that that's going to be hard.


*** Ladies all across the world Listen up, we're looking for recruits If you with me, lemme see your hands Stand up and salute Get your killer heels, sneakers, pumps or lace up your boots Representing all the women, salute, salute!***

"Omg Isn't that Salute by little mix?!?! I LOVE that song turn it up Skye!!!" Hope exclaimed reaching for the iPod.

"OK, OK CALM DOWN! It's just a song..."

"It's not JUST any song... because it’s not about relationships, blah blah love and shit like that."

"Hey you can't talk, you haven't even been out with a guy or even kissed one." Skye pointed out.

"Well I Know hell of a lot more about relationships than you, Skye." Hope replied as they walked into the school grounds.

"True. Since I always stuff up and you’re the one who gives me advice." 

"Ha... It's good being single isn't it Skye?"

"Yep it sure is."

Skye put her IPod away in her dull locker taking her folders for period 1 and 2 and after Hope took her stuff too,  they both walked into class

"Urgh! We have Maths now? Torture on the first period much?"  Hope groaned.

"I know right! Hey look isn't that Simon? Why is he wearing his sports uniform?" Skye questioned.

"Don't ask me." 

"You are his best friend other than Lucas, right?" Skye said as she sat down at a table with Hope.

"hey POPE." Simon greeted as him and Lucas sat down with Hope and Skye.

"Hi TURTLE." Hope teased.

"I told you to stop saying my middle name. You know it's embarrassing." Simon said while writing down the Expected learning.

"Omg, hahahaha your middle name is Turtle?" laughed Skye.

"Yeah my genius parents thought it would be funny to have my middle name, named after their favourite animal." replied Simon.

 "Well good for you right? because i love Turtles too." I pointed out.


Hope and Skye walked out of class ready to go out for snack when they were greeted by Hope’s Ex-Best friend Kylie. What does she want? Hope thought. She is the one who ditched me for Natalie. 

“Hi, girls can I hang out with you guys since Natalie isn’t here?”

“Um no because I don’t want you come running back to us after ditching us. Let’s go Skye.”

The girls walked away leaving an opened mouth Kylie behind.

“I’m going to the basketball court. You coming Skye?”

“Nah I think I’ll go and talk to Emily about something.”

“ok. Since she is your best friend…”

“Hey don’t pull that puppy dog face on me you’ve got Simon.”

“Well APPARENTLY Natalie’s best friend is Simon.”

“Hahaha OMG I’ll never get over that lie.” Laughed Skye as she walked off after giving Hope a hug.

Hope walked into the blue basketball courts and was blinded because of the fact that they were so bright because of the sunshine. Hope walked toward the far end of the 3 basketball courts and sat down to watch Simon and his friends play. She always thought that Simon was a good friend but ever since she started seeing Natalie and Kylie following around him like a lost puppies she felt about him differently. Omg what are you thinking? Screamed her inner voice. He’s your friend idiot. She always wondered how he could be good at every sport he tried. It sometimes even freaks her out. The time the ground was beginning to heat her bum up was when she decided to join in with the game, even though she knew she will never get the ball.





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