Little white lies

This is a story about One Directions new song 'Little white lies'.
It is a fan fiction for the competition 'Story of my life' and goes through, how One direction came up with (well my version) some of the songs on their newest album; 'Midnight memories'.

When Niall finally thinks he finds the girl of his dreams; all she becomes is trouble.


3. ♫-Why don't we go there-♫

A few weeks later, it would have seemed that Kaitlyn and Niall had known each other their entire lives, and Niall had fallen deeply in love with her. But if she had with him was another thing.

"Good morning!" Niall said in a perky way, even more than usual towards Kaitlyn, which was already very perky. But there was a reason for this.

"Hey," Kaitlyn smiled back seeming confused as she sat down for breakfast.

As they ate, Niall asked Kaitlyn if she wanted to go down to the beach, since it would be such a nice day; and so they did.

Once they had arrived there, they went for a long walk; until they found a nice quiet place to sit.

"Kaitlyn?" Niall whispered into her ear.

"Yeah?" she responded.

"I was wondering," Niall said, with his heart pounding in his chest, "I was wondering if you would, umm want to be my girlfriend."

"Are you sure?" she asked, "You want to be in a relationship with me? The girl you found laying in a dark ally way?"


"I just think that you would't know me enough yet."

"Kaitlyn, I don't care how well I know you; I am asking you this, right now. Why don't we go there?"

"Ok," she said smiling.

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