Little white lies

This is a story about One Directions new song 'Little white lies'.
It is a fan fiction for the competition 'Story of my life' and goes through, how One direction came up with (well my version) some of the songs on their newest album; 'Midnight memories'.

When Niall finally thinks he finds the girl of his dreams; all she becomes is trouble.


7. ♫-Something great-♫

Zayn asked, "What is happening?"

"We just went and got some food," Kaitlyn proclaimed as she glared at Liam in a strange way.

"Alright then, well the other boys won't be coming back for quite some time, they are going to have a massive hang over tomorrow, I swear sometimes, I'm the only one in this band with any common sense," Zayn ranted, and he continued for quite some time; making it obvious he had drunk his far share of it all.

"Well, it has been a long night. How about we all just go and get some sleep?" Kaitlyn suggested.

Niall and Zayn both agreed.


The next day.....

When Kaitlyn woke up, Niall was lying next to her. She lay there, just looking at him for hours, then finally hugged him; but woke him up doing this.

"Good morning babe," he laughed.

"Hehehehe, good morning," giggled Kaitlyn, "How are you feeling?"

"My head is pounding."

"Do you want me to go?" she offered.

"No!" he begged then smiled, "You're the only thing that makes it any better."

"Really?" she asked.

"Yep," he confirmed, then he leaned in towards her, and kissed her; wrapping his arm right around her and pulling her close, "I love you."


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