Little white lies

This is a story about One Directions new song 'Little white lies'.
It is a fan fiction for the competition 'Story of my life' and goes through, how One direction came up with (well my version) some of the songs on their newest album; 'Midnight memories'.

When Niall finally thinks he finds the girl of his dreams; all she becomes is trouble.


8. ♫-Better than words-♫

"I have a surprise for you," Niall remembered.

"What is it?" Kaitlyn yawned.

"We are going somewhere, all of us."

"Where?" she sighed. 

"You'll have to wait and see."

"Yay! CAMPING TIME!" Louis sang as be burst into the room.

"Way to ruin the surprise Lou," Niall rolled his eyes; kicked Louis out of the room and went back to sleep in Kaitlyn's arms and vice versa.


The next day.....

"Got everything?" Niall asked.

"Yep," Kaitlyn responded. All the boys (and Kaitlyn) jumped into the car and took off; talking the entire way because they all knew, once they were there, they wouldn't have enough time to talk what so ever. They were right.

As soon as they arrived they set up the tents, Louis+Liam, Zayn+Harry and Kaitlyn+Niall; and most of the boys collected firewood, Louis remained at the camp site with Kaitlyn, to finish setting everything up; but a lot more than setting up happened.

When Niall was about to come back, he dropped the only matches they had on the ground and stopped to pick them up, but when he looked up he saw Louis and Kaitlyn making out just out the front of a tent.

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