I used to yearn for a fairytale world where everything was perfect. I used to dream of being a princess and running away with my perfect prince. I used to think that everything was okay, that I had what it takes to take on the world. Now I yearn for a way to end everything. Now I dream of razors and lighters that help all the pain drift away. Now I know that I will never have a prince, I will never be a princess, and nothing will ever be okay for me. I will never have the Fairytale world I so honestly believed in, because that belief is gone and has long since been replaced with all the hate and bullying. I will never have the Fairytale world because in a few words, life sucks.


3. Caught

Chapter 3

          After the kiss, Harry and I had stood in silence for a few moments. “Do you still want me to meet you” I asked, fearing that I had ruined the only true affection I had ever felt since being a toddler. “Yes, but we WILL be having a serious conversation after.” I simply dropped my eyes to the floor, ashamed. All self-consciousness returned, I blushed a deep shade of red that could only be described as embarrassment. I suddenly felt Harry’s hand on my chin, lifting my head to look him in the eyes. “Hey, don’t do that.” He said. I said nothing, just stared into his eyes. His horribly beautiful eyes. Crap. I couldn't fall for things like this! Yet, I couldn't help but like Harry. “So…” I said, filling the awkward silence that had fallen upon us once again. “Hey,” I heard a deep, mean-sounding voice boom from outside the door. Someone jiggled the handle. Harry and I looked at each other, panicked. “Just getting a bucket; some brat threw up in the bathroom,” Harry tried to imitate what a janitor would sound like. It might have worked it we both hadn't burst out in laughter. “Get out here right now,” Said the horrible voice, which I soon came to realize was the principal himself. Very slowly, Harry removed the broom from the door. Quick as a lightning bolt, Mr. Horton the principal was also crammed inside the tiny closet, but to my relief he dragged us out. Or not to my relief, seeing as we were most likely in trouble. As we were practically dragged down the halls by our ears, my cheeks were once again crimson when I saw all the gawking students looking from the open classroom doors. Although, my embarrassment was quite soothed when Harry suddenly leaned into my ear and whispered “You mess with the bull, you get the horns” Quoting one of my all-time favorite movies. We both giggled obnoxiously loud to annoy the principal, but we just couldn't compete with his glares. When we passed the last class before the main office I noticed Jessica, who was noticing Harry. She immediately got up to sharpen a -wait, I’m pretty sure that was a pen, but anyways- and as she walked, she hiked up her already skimpy skirt. She tried to catch Harry’s eyes, but he turned his head away at first glance. I felt a twang of surprise at this, and I think Harry noticed because he grabbed at my hand soon after.  We entered the office and I immediately recognized the smell of stale coffee. I nearly flinched when I saw the dying potted-plants.  When a single office-aid jumped from her spinning chair, I knew they were going to talk to us separately. “Harry Styles please take a seat next to Mrs. Omina and Marigold O'Connor please come with me to my office” Mr. Horton said sternly, grabbing me roughly by the wrist. Harry shot me a look, that clearly said ‘what the hell are we going to do?!’ And I gave him a wary look that concluded ‘I have no fucking clue!’ 

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