Daddy (harry styles) FINISHED!!!!

It's not easy being a signal mother at the age of 18 and it even harder when the father is apart of the biggest boy bands. 3 years ago is when Madison English made the word mistake of her life. She got pregnant with Harry styles baby!!!. Find out what happens when her worst night mare finds her
(Just letting you now there are pics)


44. daddy chapter 43

Harry's p.o.v

I looked into her eyes not knowing what I was going to do.

"I... I need you back" the words just spit out I couldn't catch them. She didn't speak making me worried.

"Harry" when she says my name the pieces of my heart that I still have left brake even more. The look on her face scares me deeply.

"I... Can't.... I have to go" she says walking away.

"No please no" I graved her arm pulling her back around to face me. "I can't loses you again please not again" I was crying.

"I'll come back tomorrow harry"

I let go of her and followed her to the door she kissed the top of Josh's head and walked out the door. Her friend willow followed behind her. When the car started I walked to the coach and laid there not saying a word.

Madison p.o.v

When willow dropped me off at my moms I went to my old room to read the letter.

Dear Madison

Well I'm not sure how many years it's been but when I started writing this that day I left. Now please Liston they made me leave the gave me a different phone and they blocked your number. I'm sorry I left at the worst time possible with just losing josh. I was hopeless with out you I started to drink and smoke. I would drink about a six-pack a night and it is growing larger and larger. I smoke about a pack a day and every time I do something it doesn't help. My mind travels to the day I left not telling you for the second time. How you must hate me and all the pain I am putting you through once again. I made a mistake a big one I had a chance to make it up but I ruined it. I will alway love you even if you hate me I will still love you. I'm sorry I came back into your life I wish I never would have been in that coffee shop that day. When josh dropped the cake pop and I got him a new one. I wish it would have been another man not me. Someone who would have stayed with you through all the pain or someone who treated you right. I'm sorry that that was me that walked through the door I'm sorry.


My heart was in the bottom of my stomach when I finished the letter. Now I don't know what I'm going to do.

I looked around the room and on the top shelf sat two big blue bins. I pulled them down looking through them pulling out old pictures and videos.

I stuck in a video and was surprised to see what I saw.

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