Daddy (harry styles) FINISHED!!!!

It's not easy being a signal mother at the age of 18 and it even harder when the father is apart of the biggest boy bands. 3 years ago is when Madison English made the word mistake of her life. She got pregnant with Harry styles baby!!!. Find out what happens when her worst night mare finds her
(Just letting you now there are pics)


4. daddy chapter 4

Madison p.o.v

Well I woke up on the couch and josh sitting on the ground watching tv.

" hey bud what you doing up so early" I said siting up on the couch.

He wobbled over to me and I picked him up so he was now on my lap. " I don't know mommy" he said driving his car on the table.

" are you Hungary" I asked him moving his curls out of his face.

"Yes mommy" he said walking to the kitchen.

I then remembered at 1 we are going to meet Harry at Denys to eat. I will just give josh a banana and some pudding that should hold him over until 1.

I looked at the clock and it was already 11:00 do that only gives me about an hour to get ready.

I gave josh his food and changed into some jeans and a hoodie I haven't worn in a wile. When josh was done eating I cleaned him up and took him up stares to Chang him.

I put him in grey sweet pants and a red jacket and put on his Micky mouse shoes that light up when he walked on them. I fixed his hair so it wasn't such a mess, but it's not like you can do much with his hair.

I then walked into the bathroom and put on just a little make up and put my hair in a pony tail.

I put josh in his car seat and we left to Denys. I was so nervous I planed out in my mind what I was going to say and not say to him.

Harry's p.o.v

I got to Denny's kind of early and sat at a booth all by my self thinking about what I would say or do and if my son know who I am.

Every time the door would open I would get butterfly's in my stomach, but it would never be her. It was about 1:15 and I was starting to get the felling that she wasn't going to show, but I spoke to soon because as soon as I thought that I saw a curly haired boy running through into the door.

" josh come hear" I Hurd her call for him. I waved my hands so she could find where I was siting.

"Sorry where late I woke up a little late" she said picking josh to sit in the booth with her.

"It's cool I haven't been hear that long" I lied.

The waitress came over and took are order me and Madison got the same thing a burger and fries and she ordered josh some macaroni.

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