Daddy (harry styles) FINISHED!!!!

It's not easy being a signal mother at the age of 18 and it even harder when the father is apart of the biggest boy bands. 3 years ago is when Madison English made the word mistake of her life. She got pregnant with Harry styles baby!!!. Find out what happens when her worst night mare finds her
(Just letting you now there are pics)


38. daddy chapter 38

Josh p.o.v


I'm 8 years old today so my grandpa says. He's never told me why I live with him he just alway seems to blow it off. maybe he will tell me about what happened and why i live out in the middle of nowhere. 


i walked out of the old room and down the hall to the kitchen that had stains on the celling from the rain. my grandpa was sitting on the chair next to my uncle jim. my grandpa was always mean to me hurt me in different ways such as hitting, screaming, telling no one loved me. i was only 8 he should be holding me and telling me he loves me and that everything will be alright. instead its the opposite. 


"josh" my grandpa said looking over the top of his paper. 


"I'm going to be gone all day so you'll stay with jim so don't do some dumb shit wile I'm gone you hear me" 

"yes sir" i said walking to the fridge. 


there was a small plate that had some food on it and it had my name on it. i took it out eating it as slow as i could to just enjoy the meal i get to eat today. 


as soon as my grandpa left jim pulled me up from the table by my arm dragging me into my room. 


"what did i do" i said wrinkling my four head. i looked into his eyes and they where soft and had worry in them. 

"Im not going to hurt y'ah kid i need to tell you something" he said patting a spot on the bed for me to sit. 


"listen to me vary carefully" he said in a stern voice pulling my attention towards him. i nodded "yes." 


"Ok so your 8 today and I know your young and all but your smart for your age. I know you can do this i believe in you. any ways I'm not your uncle I'm your grandpas friend and i have know your grandpa for a wile. he's a bad bad man and I'm going to help you get out of here and find your parents. I have down research and i know where your father is and we are leaving now wile your grandpas gone. so go grave what you need and then where leaving in 10 mins you hear me. I will tell you more about this on the way."

I jumped off the bed and ran around the room graving the small little things I had kept from when I was a little younger.

Harry p.o.v

"C'mon man snap out of it it's been 5 fucking years" I heard Liam say but his words went through one ear and out the other. I sat in sirens losing my beer with both hands staring at the water dripping down from the ice that I once sat on.

"Harry" Liam said again. I tuned my head and looked at him then back at the dripping beer.

"What" I mumbled.

"You need help you need to cheer up we want the old harry back" he said with a sad tone.

"You don't understand and you will never understand the pain I, have caused my self ,Madison and josh. I don't need help I just need Madison and josh: they are my cure, my happiness, my life, my world my only chance of surviving." I took a sharp breath in and let it out hoping not to brake down like normal.

You would think 5 years I would be better but the past years have been torture and the most painful.

"Can you just try to be happy harry" Liam said standing up from the bar and walking out leaving me sitting alone.

I sat thinking deep into my thought I need to do something with my life I need to find Madison. I walked home in the harsh weather with out getting stopes by some girl saying "isn't that harry styles." I'm thankful I didn't run into anyone like that.

I got home sat on the couch and watched the blank screen on the tv.

Josh p.o.v

"So let me get this strata my fathers name is harry styles I was taken when I was three. My mouther a name is Madison English and my parents aren't together any more."

"Yes but we are just going to your father I don't know where your mom is" Jim said pulling into the main road.

I have never been out this far I have never rally seen a town nor have I ever seen a road. I have been isolated for 5 years in a small cabin in the woods with two men I found out I barely even know and I thought i knew them like the back of my hand.

"Where does my dad live" I asked watching as we passed the trees on the side of the road.

"London" he said focussing on the road.

"How are we going to get over there" I asked confused.

"I have a friend with a bought that will get us over there."

"Oh" Is all I said and watched the trees once more.




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