Daddy (harry styles) FINISHED!!!!

It's not easy being a signal mother at the age of 18 and it even harder when the father is apart of the biggest boy bands. 3 years ago is when Madison English made the word mistake of her life. She got pregnant with Harry styles baby!!!. Find out what happens when her worst night mare finds her
(Just letting you now there are pics)


26. daddy chapter 26

Harry's p.o.v

I put on my black sunglasses and pushed my hair back out of my face. I put the car into reveres and backed out.

I set my hand on Madison's thigh and she put her hand over mine.

When we got to Niall and Morgans I got josh out wile Madison took the bags.

"Niall" I said as he opened the door. "Hey harry" he said moving out of the way for us to come in.

I set josh down and he clung to my leg so I picked him back up.

I say down on the couch across from Niall and Madison sat next to me.

I took off Josh's jacket and took off his shoes for him and set him down and he ran off.

"We'll we better get going we have to meet this guys soon" I said standing up and waving by to Niall.

I hugged josh and then Madison did and we left.

I put my sunglasses back on and opens up the car door.

"So babe where to first" I asked looking over at her.

"To the house you wanted" she said taking my hand this time.

"Alright" I said and reach over and kissed her.

I turned up the radio really loud and pulled out.

...Few hours later...

"I can't believe we are signing the papers right now this is so exciting" she said smiling.

"We'll here is all the paper work I need you to sign here here and here. He said smiling.

"Now who's name with the house be under" the man said.

"Mansion English and harry styles" I said as I sighted my name and then Madison did.

"We'll you are all set you have 1 mounts to get out of your old house and tomorrow we will be coming by with a sign to put in the yard" the man said shaking my hand and then Madison's.

"Alright" I said taking Madison hand and then putting my arm around her shoulder.

"Let's go get josh" I said as we walked out of the billing.

"Or we could just Maybe go home or out to eat or just Manet for a walk" she said with a smirk on her face.

"Ok" I said kissing her cheek.

"How about I take you out to the docs again" I said opining the door.

"I have a better idea can I drive" she asked and I handed her the keys.

She got in and she took me to where ever we where going.

She started the car up and we backed out of the offices.

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