Daddy (harry styles) FINISHED!!!!

It's not easy being a signal mother at the age of 18 and it even harder when the father is apart of the biggest boy bands. 3 years ago is when Madison English made the word mistake of her life. She got pregnant with Harry styles baby!!!. Find out what happens when her worst night mare finds her
(Just letting you now there are pics)


24. daddy chapter 24

Madison p.o.v

I walked into the room to harry playing with josh.

I stood at the door frame smiling at how well josh and harry get along. The only thing I don't under stand is why doesn't josh call him daddy yet.

Poor harry has never Hurd those words yet and it's probably eating him a alive.

Harry looked up at me every once and away all and smiled.

He finally put josh down for bed and harry red him a bed time story.

"One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish" he read to him and I came in and sat by Josh's feet wile harry was right next to him and there heads both in the book.

I watched josh soon fall asleep and harry covered him up and kissed his four head. I kissed his four head as we'll and told him good night.

I walked Down stairs and got out my lap top to look up some houses with harry.

I sat at the kitchen table and harry was getting him self something to eat.

He wrapped his arm around me and stuck his chin on the top of my head.

" o what about that one" he said smiling.

"Harry that's to expensive" I said looking up at him.

"Babe I'm a millionaire or hint is to expensive" he said kissing me.

"Ok we can looks at it tomorrow" I said smiling.


We then walked up stairs and I watched harry as he undressed. He took off his shirt and his paints and the way his musicals moved when he removed his clothing was just perfect.

"Like what you see" he said with a chuckle.

"Maybe" I said smiling.

I then stood up and harry laid down in the bed. I walked over to the dresser so harry could only see my back.

I slid off my shirt and replacing it with one of his that he had here. I took off my jeans and just stayed in my under where.

"Fuck" I Hurd him say under his breath.

"Like what you see" I said walking over to his side of the bed.

"What are you doing" he said smiling.

I shrugged and. Whispered "don't you want to finish what we started the other day" I said in a slow voice.

His eyes grew wide and he through me over him and climbed on top of me.

I laughed as he kissed me and he smiled through the kisses.

"Dame why do you have to be so god dame cute" he said kissing and sucking my neck.

I smiled and let little moans escape my mouth.

"I love you harry" I said in a low voice.

"I love you" he said sliding his cold fingers up my shirt.

"Harry" I said sqweling.

"What" he said with a chuckle.

I soon fell asleep on his chest and he had his arms wrapped around me so tight so I would feel safe. My legs where intertwined with his and I was listening to his heart beat.

I soon fell asleep to the sweet beat of his heart.

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