Half a Heart Without You

When The boys get called in for a business trip in Hollywood before Christmas, Harry realizes that there is more than just fame in glory. Italia, strong-headed shows no mercy for the boy and his little boy band. However, will Harry show the poverty stricken mercy?


4. Snowfall

"Adeline go get a bucket of warm water and put a cloth in it please." I quietly say to Adeline as I kneel down next to Miss Kathy. Adeline nods and runs off to go get the bucket.

The whole village of 30 people is in the center of the village watching this tragedy take place. Miss Kathy looks up at me and her winkled face smiles. Her old hand caresses my face and she just looks up at me, taking everything in.

"Tali, you’re going to be okay, okay? You need to keep our vision going with this little village. I promise baby girl, everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, then it's not the end. See? Everything is okay for me, so it's my time to go. I love you and everyone here. Never stop dreaming." Miss Kathy says weakly to me as I dab her forehead with a cloth.

She lets out one more breath and finally she is at piece, in my arms. Everyone is quiet. They know enough not to talk in this moment of mourning. I sob and hold her in my arms like she would to me every day.

I slowly let her out of my arms and put the pure white blanket over her. The men pick her up and bring her into our 'hospital.' I can't bear to look. My temper takes over and I kick over the water bucket and stomp into mine and Adeline's house. I slam the door and I quickly change into a pair of ripped skinny jeans, a army green long sleeve shirt, and my worn down black leather jacket and combat boots. Tears stream down my face as I put my hair up in a sock bun. I grab my brown leather cross-body bag. I grab my pack of joints and light one between my lips. I throw the pack into my bag and walk out the door into the heart of Hollywood.


I find myself almost running down the barely visible path. I have no clue why I am so compelled to find Italia. Maybe it’s the letter and I want to see if she’s okay, or maybe it’s just I want to see her...

I feel myself falling to the ground; reluctantly I catch myself on my elbows. I quickly stand up and apologize multiple times to the petite woman I ran into. I help her to her feet and realize it was Italia.

“Oh my god Italia I’m so sorry love. Please don’t cry. Please. I didn’t mean to run into you. I’m so sorry.” I say as I pull her into a hug feeling guilty as hell. She pushes me off laughing and I wipe the tears off of her face.

“I’m not crying because of you uhh, Harry. But you do owe me a blunt now.” She says chuckling and brushing off her clothes. I smile at her.

“You’re okay?” I ask her stupidly. Of course she’s not okay she lives in a few pieces of wood.

She motions me to walk back to Hollywood with her, and reluctantly I do. “That’s the thing Mr. Styles, society has portrayed many ways for everyone to seem ‘okay,’ but deep down you never really are.” She says quietly as she places a blunt in between her pale lips and lights it. I simply nod, not knowing what to say to her intellectually twisted response.

“Well since I knocked you down, care for a cup of tea? You look frozen.” I say to her. She shakes her head no.

“That would be greedy of me. I have to go shopping for presents.” She says half running to keep up with my long legs. I slow down so she can walk to a regular pace.

“I insist. And after tea, I can help you shop.” I say with my winning smile. She looks down, looking hurt. She once again shakes her head no.

“I can’t. I have people starving at home and I can’t let them starve while I have a full belly.” She says but my stubborn ass won’t give up.

“Tea won’t fill you up; it tickles your insides when you’re cold. Tali, c’mon, they won’t know you had tea. Matter of fact, I can bring you guys food, as a Christmas present. I Insist.”

She sighs. “Fine, but you won’t buy us food. We aren’t a charity.” I smile and nod.

So Tali and I walk into town, side by side, with very little space between us. A light snowfall dances in the air, and at that moment, laughter filled the air and all our worries felt lifted off our shoulders.

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