Half a Heart Without You

When The boys get called in for a business trip in Hollywood before Christmas, Harry realizes that there is more than just fame in glory. Italia, strong-headed shows no mercy for the boy and his little boy band. However, will Harry show the poverty stricken mercy?


2. Out on The Town


I squint my eyes and place my ray bands over my eyes to block the piercing flashes of the paparazzi cameras. They shout endless questions at the boys and I but we all simply slip into our car.

"Nice to see you lads. Unexpected wasn't it?" Lou smirks at all of us.

And just like that we all start up a million conversations, like we haven't seen each other in years, but in reality we all saw each other a few weeks ago.

We have a few hours before our interview so the boys and I decide to go look around.

Christmas music plays through the streets as a very light snowfall dances through the air.

"Do you guys want Starbucks I'll run and get it." I tell them and they tell me what they want.

I walk through the busy streets of Hollywood, lost in thought.

I finally snap out of it and realize I walked myself to I don't know where. I text Niall and ask where they are. Maybe that will help me find my way back.

I look around as I take in my surroundings. Confused. I couldn't of walked far enough to be out of Hollywood, but I've never seen this part of Hollywood before.

It's almost like a rundown village. Little sheds that I guess are passing for houses and very poor people roaming around. A well in the center if the village. I'm guessing this is where everyone hangs out because lots of people are gathered here.

I slowly walk my way into the crowd, knowing I stick out like a sore thumb.

Suddenly, everyone looks at me and gasps, frozen in place. A tiny little girl goes running into a house. I put my hands in the air so they know I'm not going to hurt them.

I have never seen this place on a map, I have never seen to his place and I've been everywhere in Hollywood.

A door slams shut and I snap my head in the direction. I gasp at this beautiful girl comes out of the house with the little blonde girl hiding behind her leg.

The older girls expression softens as she wipes her hands on her worn down jeans. She walks up to me, about 5 feet away and stares at me.

"How did you find us." She says hardly. I look at her innocently.

"Miss I won't harm you and your village, I was just walking and I got lost and came across here." I say. She just stares at me. "Look, I'll leave. I just need help getting back." I say to her. She just stares at me.

Then, out of surprise, this girl sticks her hand out for my to shake, and I do just that.


"Tali Tali!!!! Come outside. Someone rich is here. Please hurry!" Adeline shakes out. I put down my joint in the ash tray and bend down to her height.

"Whoever this is, will surely leave if they are not in need." I kiss her on the forehead and walk outside slamming the door behind me.

"Miss I won't harm you and your village, I was just walking and I got lost and came across here."this man says lowering his hands back to his sides. I just stare at him.

"Look, I'll leave. I just need help getting back." He says as I begin to smile. This mans not going to hurt us. He just needs to get back to his 'yippy town.'

I reach out my hand for him to shake and reluctantly he does. I can't help but notice has big and strong and soft his hands are.

"I'm Italia, call me Tali or Talia. We won't hurt you. I promise." I say to this man.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Harry Styles. I was going to go get some coffee for me and my lads and I um, got lost." Harry says, cheeks turning red.

I chuckle. "Oh, the rich men. Have nothing better to do but spend their money..."

"Listen if you can just help me get back to East Hollywood I can get outa your hair." Harry says.

"Adeline, make Mr. Styles a cup of coffee please. Harry, creme or sugar?" I say innocently.

"3 sugar please." Harry says nervously.

Adeline runs along to make a cup of coffee and I smile. "You're very lucky I'm nice. We don't usually have coffee. It's an addiction that we can't rely on here because it's so scarce. We only have one coffee bean plant." I state to him.

He just nods. "So um, what is this place?"

"I help the homeless. I made this village and found homeless people that needed a place to stay. I knew this part of Hollywood was rundown so I turned it into a place for them to stay. For a long time or short time. However long they need." I state to him as I bring him inside my 'house.' I Set another stool by the fireplace and motion for him to sit there. I sit in my other stool and Adeline hands Harry the cup of coffee and retreats to onto her bed.

"Is this your home?" He asks me. I nod.

"This is so much more, thrilling then relaxing in the safety of an actual home." I state. I pick up my joint and light it up. Harry eyes me up and down and stares at the joint.

"Would you like one?" I ask him. He swallows hard and shakes his head no. I just shrug my shoulders.

"Anyways I'd be in very deep shit if people found out about this. So you, need to keep your mouth shut. It's not like this is a bad cause. I'm helping the needy. I plan to go state to state, country to country setting up these 'villages.' So please, don't tell anyone. Our secret eh?" I say with a smirk and let out a long trail of smoke.

Harry nods. "I promise. This is very good coffee. But I really need to get going."

I sigh and look down. Same words, different person. "Yes of course." I rub my tired eyes and stand up. I take a used sheet of paper and right the directions on the back. I lead him out of the house and to where he came in.

"Happy holidays Harry. I hope you have a good one." I say with a smile.


"Happy holidays Harry. I hope you have a good one." Italia says to me with her crooked smile. I can't help but smile. Her cheeks indented into cute little dimples and I wonder how she ended up over here.

"You too Italia. But before I go, does anyone here, get a holiday?" I ask her.

Her smile disappears and she looks down and kicks a rock. She shakes her head no.

"I try. I have a job. I try to get all of them, old and young, a toy or something, but it never can work out that way." She says quietly.

"But it's okay. I've never seen happier people in my life. All you rich men are all unhappy. But we have celebrations every night. It's really a sight." She smiles at me.

I smile. "Well, that'd be a sight I'd like to see. I-" but before I could finish my sentence my phone starts ringing.

"Goodbye Harry, nice meeting you." Italia says as she kisses my forehead and moves me along my path back.

I turn around after I hang up with Niall and just like that, as fast as I saw this village, it was quickly gone.

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